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Published:June 6th, 2012 20:10 EST

Big Ang Of 'Mob Wives' & Snooki Of 'Jersey Shore' Engage In Epic Conversation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"During the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, Big Ang, the scene-stealer from VH1`s `Mob Wives`, had a meeting of the minds with Snooki, The New York Times best-selling author and star of `Jersey Shore.`


The two reality stars discussed br(e)asts, babies, ate Wendy`s and Big Ang even brought Snooki a gift for her first born. It`s as epic as it sounds."

Huffington Post

When two reality show bimbos get together it`s a safe bet they won`t discuss how to reconcile Albert Einstein`s General Theory of Relativity with quantum mechanics.

When two titans of reality TV have a confab, scientists move the Doomsday Clock a couple of minutes closer to midnight, and citizens go to bed wondering what calamity will befall humankind.

The b(o)obs discussed bo(o)b jobs and the penis size of the men in their life. I`m not making this stuff up; I don`t have that good of an imagination.

If the Earth survived this epic conversation, then perhaps the world won`t be destroyed if the Large Hadron Collider releases a baby black hole.

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