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Published:June 6th, 2012 20:46 EST

Video: Shin-Kicking Championships Held In The UK

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The judge of the Shin-kicking Championships in Britain said the sport is about more than just two men kicking each other below the knees.

James Wiseman, who judged this year`s Shin-kicking Championships at the Cotswold Olimpicks, an event held in Chipping Camden, England, on-and-off since the 1600s, said the event is similar to wrestling.


`I kind of get quite annoyed when people think that shin-kicking is quite literally two guys facing each other and kicking each other as hard as possible in the shins,` Wiseman said. `The easiest ways to describe it is it`s a bit like wrestling but with a lot of contact below the knees. The idea is really to throw the person to the ground, but to throw the person to the ground you`ve got to unbalance by kicking them first."


I love sports like football, baseball, hockey, basketball and even golf, but there are quite a few "sports" that seen to have been invented only to fill up programming on ESPN.

I don`t think shin-kicking will be covered by any of ESPN`s gazillion of cable channels. Shin-kicking is as much a sport as is Rosie O`Donnell clipping her toe nails.

I thought it was ridiculous the first time I heard a hot dog eating contest described as "competitive eating", but calling two guys kicking each other in the shins a sport boggles the mind.

Shin-kicking isn`t a real sport, so I won`t bother to tell you who won.

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