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Published:June 7th, 2012 13:37 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Jose Jarimba, Author of The Human Mold: From Conception to Birth

Judyth Piazza interviews Jose Jarimba, Author of The Human Mold: From Conception to Birth

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Jose Antonio Jarimba observation of our imperfect physic 23 years ago, led him to The Human Mold, prevention from origin. Most people suffer physical pain, like back pain, head, shoulder, neck and emotional, and they, in most cases do not know the causes of it. Thirteen years ago, Mr. Jarimba made is second observation, and that is when he dedicated his life to finding out why we are physically misaligned.

Jarimba observed the following in us: By looking close to our physical threats he observed that most people had the following: From the head down to our toes he found that starting with our hair, he noticed that if one has short hair he or she will likely have spike hair on the affected said of the head, if he or she has long hair the hair will likely tangle when combing, going down the head he also noticed that the ear on that same side will likely be pinned towards the back of the head, the eye on the same side might have limited vision, the lines that come from the side of our mouth (symmetry lines) on the affected side the line will likely be stretched towards the back of the head, the shoulder might also be lower, then down to our knee, the knee also may be a little misaligned, and going down to the foot on the same side, the foot may be pronated or supinated, and the toes on the affected side may be curved from the outside inwards to a certain degree.

On the same side one can find that most of us have a long arm, and short leg. Looking from the top of the head down to our foot, it looks like we have a curve, and this causes our physic to be misaligned.

So Mr. Jarimba went on to research the reason that we are like that, and found out that the physical misalignment likely takes place in the womb while the mother to be rests predominantly on the same side during the pregnancy term. To make sure that his theory was correct, he went on to interview hundreds of mothers to be. And found out that the degree of physical misalignment depends on how many hours a mother sleeps during the pregnancy term on the same side. And not satisfied by finding good results, he goes on to ask some women that had just gotten pregnant to alternate resting time every night and day until the baby is born, so that he could confirm his theory. One year later five babies were born, and we compared with other children that these mothers had had before, and the result was amazing, they were almost 100% symmetric compared with their brothers and sisters born before them.

After this experiment and amazing results, Mr. Jarimba found out that for future mothers to have a more symmetric and Healthy baby, a mother to be must alternate resting time while pregnant.
After Mr. Jarimba discovered the possible origin of our physical (visible) and structural (invisible) misalignment, he went on to the charts and started looking for a solution how to align a Human structure that was deformed from fetal origin. He found out that the major problem lies on the hips. If both hips are not properly aligned from fetal origin, the rest of the physical structure will not function normal and this will result in physical pain, (chronic) and discomfort.

Mr. Jarimba successfully found a solution to the above problems and you can read more about it in his Book. THE HUMAN MOLD, prevention from origin.

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