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Published:June 14th, 2012 15:30 EST

BOOK REVIEW: Me & Lee; by Judyth Vary-Baker

By Sean Stubblefield


MY RATING: * * * *  (out of  * * * *)


BRIEF SYNOPSIS (spoiler free): A first hand narrative of the author`s intimate relationship with Lee Oswald during the time leading up to JFK`s assassination, aiming to reveal the truth about a man wrongly accused of killing an American president.

PROS: In the afterword, Jim Marrs (an investigative journalist), comments: "As I considered her story, I knew that either this woman was telling the truth, or she needed to be in Hollywood writing screenplays, because her ability to concoct an absorbing story out of thin air is truly amazing."

A daring challenge to what we`ve commonly been led to believe about Lee Harvey Oswald, this remarkable and compelling book starts slow-- but wait for it... when she meets Lee in chapter six, I had trouble putting this book down and found myself returning until I reached the end. This vibrant woman`s extensive documentation of her experiences with this controversial historical figure is what you might call a "page turner". As much a life story of Lee as it is Judyth, seen through her eyes as their lives interconnect. Through a fascinating and serendipitous series of coincidences Lee and Judyth become increasingly entangled in each other`s lives and loves-- and a plot to kill President Kennedy. An intricately and expertly woven tapestry of intrigue, romance and historical drama.

CONS: My only "problem" with her story is her almost supernatural powers of recall, because it threatens credulity " even granting her claim of eidetic memory. She reproduces entire conversations with an uncanny precision of detail from decades ago. Maybe these are merely approximate re-creations, but the point is not explained.

RECOMMENDATION: If you enjoy political spy thrillers, biographies, histories and conspiracy theories-- or just great stories, I highly endorse this book. Whether historical fact or historical fiction, Me & Lee is an incredible account.

Judyth Piazza interviews Lee Harvey Oswald`s Lover Judyth Vary Baker