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Published:June 10th, 2012 10:29 EST
A Closer Look at Harvey Carroll, Jr.'s Background Investigations

A Closer Look at Harvey Carroll, Jr.'s Background Investigations

By SOP newswire2

Harvey Carroll, Jr.`s rare TV Interview in 2006:  Harvey Carroll, Jr. sit down with Judyth Piazza of was a political bombshell The exclusive interview at a National Speakers Association (NSA) meeting in Orlando, Florida was one that questioned what America really knew about political policy over the past couple decades    


Harvey was not an active member of the NSA (National Speakers Association), but an invite to meet one of more positive and humble of the group of ego`s gathered from around the country... Harvey had in invitation by a friend to introduce him to Mr. Zigler so that he could get his copy of Zig`s book signed.  Little did the world know that Harvey had amassed more power, and influence than all the great speakers in the entire room, or organization for that matter. 


Harvey`s kind chat and Judyth`s journalistic curiosity resulted in an exclusive interview that turned out to be world changing that could only be compared to those of the great men of the past.  Men that yielded great power and influence, which shaped nations and the economic fate of those nations.  Harvey had had nothing to prove, nor any agenda other than to try and improve global relations and Peace on Earth. His thoughts were that of a troubled soul that had born great responsibility, which had caused death, but saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations and a deeply felt that constructive leadership should be promoted over that of destructive leadership.


Harvey was not defiant in nature; he was kind and quite personal.  He had firm convictions that his past destiny was one in the same with that of America and constructive global leadership.  Harvey had for a very long time had a resolve of purpose with a quick, yet analytical decision-making process that was very consistent and reliable to many past and future Presidents, World Leaders and Business Giants.  Harvey tried to focus on the simplicity of life, his time as a student.  He offered no historical references to heroes or people that he looked up to.  Harvey was a bright and brilliant person that was a student of the world and that of history and political junkie that loved being involved in current events; however, he had taken time off to try to be normal for a while, raise a family and later deal with kidney cancer that nearly took his life.


Harvey`s shadowy past:  Harvey could have passed and few would have known him, or what he had done for America and the World.  That is why the interview changed so much the young politician/public administrator, real estate professional.  Harvey was out of the political arena and happy to be out; however, he had great concerns of how the Bush Administration was misguiding America and the interview showed this.  I noticed that Harvey would not conceive of an American future without Harvey helping it move forward in some way. 


Harvey had his struggles and near death experience not only in the line of duty, but a battle with Kidney Cancer.  While recovering from cancer surgery and the removal of his kidney, Harvey was still always with Americans and did what he could to protect Americas` economic and national security interest.  Harvey had developed a strong shadowy group deep within America`s government and with the click of a few keys he would remain a political force to reckon with and would not allow the Bush Administration to misguide the American people.  Harvey spent decades deep in the shadows, while playing with local, state and a couple runs at National Political Offices.  Mostly just to add a bit of credibility to his resume, but Harvey could care less if he had the top job or not, because he loved the freedom of being a virtually unknown figure, but still being able to command affective change.  Even though he was not a major political figure he was often held up for hours at the local Wal-Marts and Malls talking politics with citizens that recognized him.  


Yet, most never really knew him and his stealthy power that has accessed Presidents for decades.  No one really knows Harvey, and he has done so much he probably even did not recognize himself in the mirror at times.   It has been publicized that he had CIA Contacts influencing the Panama Invasion and the 1st Gulf War and other International Affairs.  I am sure that Harvey`s stealthy career as a CIA/Presidential Advisor has amassed an entire room full of file cabinets and computer hard drives on Harvey, not just a few documents or file folders that one would fine with a mere CIA Case Officer or Sr. Level Adviser to the President.  


Harvey masked himself as a good ole` country boy from Kentucky for a couple decades:  Harvey often disappearing out of his home area for months, or even years to return as the same fellow that liked to chat about economic development, the need for new industry, the construction of parks and recreation and the like.  While Harvey was just another good ole` boy as they like to say in Kentucky, everyone recognized him as much more and they also recognized his conversations and thoughts went far beyond the daily chats about the weather.  Harvey was always one of those fellows that felt it senseless to talk about the weather, as he knew for a fact that someone had invented a heating and air-conditioned that did something about it.   Harvey definitely did more than talk; he was a man of action.  If he had something on his mind and he talked about it he was and/or had already did something about it and knew what the outcome would be.  


Harvey was always smart as well as street-smart; he didn`t quite grow up in the normal way.  He was an overactive kid that spent more time hustling pool and had his own small apartment as part of his other job at a local Arcade and had the lifestyle of more of an adult or College Senior than that of a High School Jr./Sr.  Harvey the great Survivalist and rise from High School activist to local, state, national and international figure:  Harvey will be honest and tell you that he raised a lot of hell in High School. School was rarely boring for Harvey, nor was it for the Principle and Vice Principle in having to deal with Harvey.  He often visited them in their official capacity, for he was in the office thirty-two times his Freshman Year and thirty-eight Times his Sophomore Year, according the index card counts of Mr. Smith the Vice Principle shared with Harvey on one of his last sessions to the office.  


Harvey was not the typical derelict that liked to good off in class, and misbehave.  He was in many clubs such as GTO, FFA (where he won a leadership award at camp, on several committees, and went to State for Parliamentary Procedure competition, among a few of his accomplishments).   Harvey successfully participated in fundraisers and events, elected an Officer of the FBLA Club`s and prided in his public speaking and works as the Parliamentarian.  Harvey participated in a Jobs programs and many community activities, Broadcast Club with a classmate which worked together to create a successful Current Events and High School News Show at the local WIRV Radio Station, and were ask to commentate the JV Football games on occasions.


Harvey learned the power of the press and visionary rumors as their Broadcast Club started the rumor of the new football field, track and tennis courts to be built at the Estill County High School.  Total BS Harvey would tell you; however, the interviews they did of Coaches as to what they thought about the new facility, all excited and saying good things of course and none had a clue that the project never existed, but that of a simple rumor started by Harvey, yet he got it  


Harvey was a decent athlete and lettered eight times in several sports.  Tennis where he had a winning season, Track, and Cross Country he and a teammate qualified for State, and he won the 1982 Outstanding Runner Award even though he ran the State race at the Kentucky Horse Park with severe shin splints in the freezing cold rain.  His Business Teacher and School Councilor viewed a class project resume` and remarked that he looked good on paper.  Overall, Harvey had amassed a briefcase full of accomplishments along with a High School Diploma even though he had graduated in the lower 10% of his 1983 Graduating Class.  Why wouldn`t Harvey be in the bottom of this class, after all he was very active, and on his sparetime he attended and helped organize and/or started most of the best parties in the community?  On top of school and partying and a bit of mischief, Harvey also worked his ass off.  Harvey started working at about the age of eleven with a bike paper route, until someone stole his bike off the street in Irvine Street, when he ran upstairs to get some supper.  


Harvey dropped his paper route, and took another job walking across the somewhat dangerous and narrow walkway over the Irvine Bridge to Hardy Brothers grocery store at the age of twelve and thirteen.  Harvey would spend ten or twelve hours sacking and carrying out groceries, and time just seemed to pass by for him and he did not really see it as work.  Harvey really liked the Hardies and more specifically Pepper Hardy, which got Harvey involved in the Estill County Jaycees.  


The Estill County Jaycees hosted large community events, various seasonal activities such as a Haunted Houses.  Harvey was too young to be a member, but later in life did become a full member and active community organizer and Harvey probably contributes much of his involvement with the Jaycees and the many community activist of the day to be instrumental in shaping his community activist involvements.  A few of the Jaycees Senators told him that they tried to shape him into a community leader; however, they concede that it was others that did more for him politically and joking that others led him astray.  They recognize that the Jaycees Club later failed as Harvey went on to bigger and much more important things.  Harvey misses the club and is sad that there was not more young-leadership to take over.


Harvey went from helping MC local Jaycee`s events with much older people that had a constructive civic influence on him to being groomed to be a politician as he was taken under the wing of the theater owner and County Judge Executive Ralf McClanahan.  Harvey like his mentors joined the military to get out of the small town where there were no jobs, no future and no interest left for him to pursue at the time.  Harvey worked at the Movie Theater, off-loaded trucks with his younger brothers at the A&P Grocery Store and worked part-time at the pool halls and Harvey hustled pool and won a lot of money on a regular basis.  


In fact, Harvey became near Championship level and later in life he held his own with his friend Earl Strickland and multiple World 9 Ball Champion.  Harvey had also thinks he remembers meeting Walter Tevis who spent a great deal of time in Irvine Pool Halls sitting on the bench watching the game.  Tevis wrote the Movie "The Color of Money" that stared Tom Cruise. (While Harvey don`t claim to be the inspiration for the pool hustler character, he does recognize the cockiness in the Cruise Character and the martial arts movements with the stick that Harvey often did as he engaged his opponents in a brutal billiard battle for $1, $5, and sometimes $100 stakes.)   Post high school and college Harvey rarely entered a pool hall as he felt drug thugs took over the pool halls and replaced the sport of real players that he had known.  Harvey did keep up his game and won many local and regional tournaments, in the Army in Europe, and in other states. Harvey still has a few trophies lying around.  Harvey was not a bad golfer either, nor was Earl).


Harvey was always so active and engaged in something and enjoyed quality conversation as well as a bit of silliness.  Harvey was easy to talk with and had a lot of friend, and could talk with people at pretty much any level, for he knew that he talked over people`s heads even in high school so he kept himself in check.  Harvey also recognized that in the Army and post military service in at his various Universities as he went in with over 180 IQ, more than double the average person long before getting a college degree.  In fact, he was always smart, but his grades did not show it.  Perhaps it was boredom in many ways, yet he continued school as his business teachers told him he looked good on paper, and the Principle, which saw Harvey often, discussed the future.  


Harvey`s Military Service:  Harvey `s service is that of mystery and few documented details.  It is still shocking to realize that there is so little known to the public about his activities while working as a Military Police Officer/Investigator whom from time to time hunted down and caught terrorist in Germany. There are a few reports of him just having a normal job as a Military Policeman after he completed his training in Alabama.  He served in Aberdeen Maryland for a year working both road patrol and because he was smart also working Administrative duties, operating the NCIC computer and playing with the primitive form of the Internet.  Harvey has told stories of how he had a man arrested in another state and after a couple weeks the man showed up at the front gate turning himself in as he had gotten sick of the jail food and agreed to take a bus ticket and return.  After Aberdeen Harvey did a tour in West Germany and often did special details on the East Germany border.  He has openly discussed Chasing and Catching Terrorist in Germany and working in special Anti-Terrorism capacities, but much of the details remain a mystery.  Harvey had developed many friends and fellow service men and women, and girlfriends that loved to travel around Europe with him.  He had traveled to more than fourteen countries visiting famed cities like Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and more. 


There were many discrepancies in his public or official background- which was not surprising for the vast number of covert and/or political advisements that Harvey would later go on to do that far exceeded any CIA Case Officer or Sr. Adviser at the State Department or White House " Harvey may not have been the covert operator in the military; however, he may not have learned how to mask his identity or even his physical existence; however, he managed to mask a great power and influence by his personal philosophy of Hit it, quit it, do it and then try to forget it. "   Harvey was the type of guy that didn`t bother wasting time on collecting public praise and attention, nor did he mind voicing his thoughts to Sr. Level Military Officers and was often picked out to participate in operations that required the military police to participate with Sr./General Grade Officers.


Harvey saw how the highest levels of Military Operations were conducted, and often offered his opinions how to improve upon those tactics.  Much to the surprise sometimes of the Generals in the room, but not that of his co-workers or ranking NCO`s. Yet, they often tried to get him to keep his thoughts to himself and place, and to let them run their war games; yet, they knew that HARVEY would not offer anything that was not accurate, such as more strategic routes or the like that we had scouted and would enhance the war games.  Harvey picked up a few letter of commendation from these Generals and some even took the time to share stories with him as to how they had risen in rank.  These discussions often inspiring Harvey in many ways; however, he says that much of the discussions; tactics and the like in those meetings were to remain Secret per the first day that he had entered the Hotel full of Generals commanding their war games and they confirming that Harvey had a Secret Clearance or above.  


Obviously, Harvey learned a great deal for later in years he had obviously applied many of those tactics to command many great Military Operations.  We see that Harvey `s vague break from his shadow world as being a bombshell, as you will see with the press clippings of his Congressional Run in Kentucky and later in his rare TV Interview in 2006.  


Harvey Post Military and Political Beginning:  Harvey just wanted to attend college and perhaps open a small pool hall and relax; however, he did hold a few political ambitions to perhaps be County Judge Executive as his political mentor, but had no ambitions other than to chase beautiful college girls and have fund immediately after his military service.  College was a long haul struggle for Harvey as he dropped out to help care for a couple of his younger brothers while his Mother recovered from surgery.  In the process Harvey found himself in need of money and tried to open a pool hall; however, his community turned his request down due to many problem that they had in the past with local pool halls.  Harvey just opened on in the smaller community with partners and became a silent participant.


Yet, Harvey took offence to not being given a license.  After all he had worked hard, developed his character and integrity as a military policeman and had a bit of college under his belt.  So, Harvey began a more aggressive look at the community and compare and contrast it with communities that he had visited all over America and Europe and found that the local officials that had denied him to be quite substandard to those that had really developed their communities.


Harvey gained great Local and State Level Political and Public Administration knowledge of roads, jobs and education and the need for comprehensive planning, infrastructure to enhance growth and development:  Harvey in his political campaigns set out on a race about roads, jobs, quality of life and education.  Harvey at the age of twenty-three often heard that was too young and too inexperienced.  Yet, Harvey `s activities in a short time attracted tens of thousands of people`s attention and they in turn recognized him as having ideas were more progressive and in many ways having more local influence and achieved much more than the Mayors of Irvine, Ravenna and the Estill County Judge Executive combined.  


There are only a few press clippings of this important period of his political persona; however, Harvey chose to stay in the shadows, and found ways around press attention as his opposition controlled the local press.  Harvey knew he was at odds politically with the oppressive and backwards press owners of the time; yet, Harvey liked and often talked with them, but was obviously blacklisted by the local press.  Yet, he demanded and got change, and found ways to manipulate stories from the State Level that had to be written about by the local press, even though he did not get credit, nor did he wish to. He had developed vast networks of political figures within the State and if he did not get his way or if the local power broker get in his way or threatened his progress he would call out his political favors and/or use the press in a way to make the officials look like fools.  


Harvey was crafty and affective as he influenced the opening of community centers, the construction of multi-million dollar bridge and by-pass, an industrial park that saved hundreds of community jobs, built million dollar subdivisions with money that he appeared to create out of thin air using his wits and ability to organize joint ventures.   


Estill being a rock-n-chair-community has a tendency to think you have to be in your fifties or sixties to be an adult to have gained any experience.  (Excluding the schools system, and teachers that work hard to develop bright young minds age is a serious factor).   Those with real community experience rarely share their time and attention to become community mentors, nor have they spent a great deal of time to influence quality entertainment, or work programs to develop the youth within the community.  Yet, Harvey had managed to acquire great mentors and influence.


Harvey saw many families with tight economic purse strings, and their young kids and teens struggling for direction.  Such kids can easily become misguided and take the wrong path.  Estill can be a tough place for not only the kids, but also entire families.  Churches play an important role, but they are so strapped with just keeping the lights on, and being a beacon of hope, that they have difficulties in organizing themselves to make a real impact on the community.  Unlike the Church organizations, that Harvey later consulted for, and advised on large scale Housing Developments such as Saint Andrews Faith Based Community in Richmond, Kentucky.  The lack of organization and community involvement really hampers growth and development of the youth within the community.  There is no doubt that in Harvey `s mind that the Churches should could come together in support of existing Civic Groups to help develop, and expand local parks and recreation for good clean fun for the youth.  


Harvey and the people within the community knew that most elected officials that had claimed to have more experience and more qualifications, but it was very clear that they did not change a thing; other than wearing a bit of the varnish off the county chairs sitting on their duff.  While the so-called young and inexperienced Harvey has been out on every regional road, visiting many homes and discussing every need and wants the county/regional residents had.  This may not be a College Education in Public Administration or Business Degree that Harvey later acquired, but it is the best experience, and education that one can obtain; it is called Listening to the People.  In fact, Harvey had listened, and listened, and listened since he was a kid; and unlike most people that talk about the weather, and allow it to go in one ear and out the other, Harvey did something about it.  In fact, one of his most favorite sayings was Everyone talks about the weather, but the fellow that invited the HVAC system did something about it.


People like Harvey that see the problems and listen to people`s concerns are inspired and motivated to make change.  This type of leadership is rare, and if mentored properly, and honed into constructive leadership, then it will most likely lead to great achievements, and accomplishments.  Harvey`s thoughts were many and jumbled; his concerns for the County and his Region were great, and quite overwhelming in his early twenties, but he took action and made many great things happen while others his age were practically still being spoon fed by their mothers.


People were sick and tired of broken promises and being let down by those that claim to be hard working folks that want to work on their behalf for the county.  All of us hear Politicians promising the world and even moon to get elected.  Harvey bypassed all that silliness and did what he set out to do, as opposed to make promises if he were to be elected. He just did it and felt it a waste of time if he had not. 


Harvey learned how to deal with most any issues constructively, and learned how to master the art of sound Comprehensive Plan for Estill County. and support he can achieve great things for the community that no other elected Official had been able to achieve over the past couple decades.  Estill and the Region needs Roads a new Bridge and Bypass, Industrial Park/Jobs, money for Education, as well as wants, and needs of convenient and quality Entertainment for their kids.  


Harvey`s campaigns moved many Fat Cats aside so they could not hinder progress.  Some even went to jail.   Harvey had learned military discipline and demanded those that were exploiting the community in destructive ways to join him in becoming community builders; those that did not often paid a price.  


Harvey learned how to be a Public Administrator, and could quickly analyze or even write budgets and knew where and how money should be used be it the near one million dollar local Road Fund must be spent wisely and a grant-writing department established to bring in additional State road and/or education, and Federal Funds.   He strongly believed in growth and development and felt that Funds should go to construct new roads per the Comprehensive Plan, with a focus on expanding tourism, growth and development; as well as improve, and maintain existing roads for year round for transportation safety.  


He did not like Big Government and felt that huge Administrative Cost must be minimized, and human resource issues that meet and exceed State Guidelines to keep and recruit the best of the best Public Administrators to serve county needs.


Harvey felt that those that do business with the public entity should be supportive of growth and development and not expect to be a Fat Cat.  Harvey had no problem with folks making money, which provided a good and needful service in the efforts to build a much better community.  Harvey also recognized that many over the years had their hand in the Community Cookie Jar and did not share with the community.   There are many businesspersons in the community that he respect because of what they had done over the years to improve the community.  


Harvey respected and favored those that spent their own time and money just as he did to make changes. He respected how they helped the community grow, and noticed that many of them had achieved much more than Government ever had.  Yet, there are a few that would like to be Boss Hogs that don`t see the big picture of helping the County growth opportunities, improve roads, create jobs, and provide and encourage youthful activities.   Harvey was appalled at how many exploited and controlled much of the community for more ill gotten gains.  He waged a local war against those that pushed him into a corner and many ended up in jail as a result.  Tough times and tough measures, but the community demanded change and they backed Harvey even as odds of money, press and local political powers were against him.


At the State level Harvey developed very powerful contacts with Governors to fund large community and state capital projects, helped package and sell the multibillion dollar Kentucky Education Reform Act, vast State Road Bonds and so much more that funneled billions of dollars back into improving Kentucky.  Yet, his passion was excelling into the national and international political arena and did not take the time to wait around for praise and press.  Harvey had quickly and somewhat easily, climbed the first few steps of civic, community, local, and state politics with little effort, even confronting overwhelming odds, money and power brokers "


Harvey `s National Political Ventures:  Harvey `s rising biography was that of Can Do " that he had learned from Governor Wilkinson and that of watching the famous political consultant James Carville in action, whom later created the It`s the economy stupid " strategy that helped move Bill Clinton into the White House as President "  Harvey still feels a bit of animosity for James Carville collecting $47,281 for what was much of Harvey `s` work prior to and during the Governors General Assembly Address that sold the multi-billion dollar education reform act "  Yet, it would not be the last time that Harvey would assist Carville " 


Harvey if he had joined some Government Intelligence Agency he would have probably been totally ignored by those with more favorable academic credentials, military rank, inside family or school ties.  However, Harvey was not a man to be underestimated and if he saw a policy maker in trouble and/or if he felt that policy needed to take a more constructive turn he would find a channel to access that policy maker "  Harvey seemed to have a real talent for influencing others to do what he wanted them to do and if they did not he would find a way to create more problems for them "  If he thought they were an idiot, then he would do what he could to ensure that everyone else saw them the same "  Harvey was ruthless in the way he approached things playing hardball that outthought any special interest group in Washington "  


Harvey liked money, but always found a way to manage with little resources.  He always knew from working in the land development business that he could find money if needed for projects "  He also knew that if " he decided to be a Professional Politician " that he could make a living of it and that people would give him money; however, he never raised money in any of his campaigns and never got obligated to any special interest group "  He was testing the waters, seeing what it took to be a national candidate, but never fully embraced the quest and why should he when he could just influence policy the way he wished anyway from his home computer while having a beer and a sandwich and then go out for a walk totally unrecognizable "  


Harvey in so many ways has been so much more important than many Presidents over the past few decades as they clung to every sentence fragment he suggested in order to save millions of lives, and affect the economic fate of nations; yet, few would believe that statement "  Harvey was important and very complex and hyper-manic like the great Dale Carnegie that had the ability to juggle many task at once and see those task to fruition "  Harvey was also a great giver and handed out money by the truck loads via technical advice, that affected many United Nation Countries, war torn Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on "  He did so much that it is nearly impossible to give an official biographical account of his numerous activities, personal and virtual interactions throughout the world "  


Harvey`s Federal Background is sealed, and so blacked out that one may never really know Harvey.  Perhaps Harvey does not even know himself beyond his driving principles of Constructive Leadership over that of Destructive Leadership; however, one can get a since of American pride and the belief in Humanity by talking to those that have known and/or worked with him over the years.  These accounts offer an image of Harvey as a move and history buff, which has taken all his knowledge of history and the movies to project Presidential or other Power figures in a "Wag the Dog" type of way to manipulate and shape history in a constructive way. 


Indeed, any effort to understand Harvey must begin with the man of mystery and history.  Harvey loved history and politics and became a hyper-manic political junkie.  History was one of his favorite subjects in school along with International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy.  Harvey remains an avid reader, and quickly consumes, disseminates history, and often applies it in a more constructive repeat manor.  He has read the many rise and fall of economies of the past as well as the great leaders that helped in those recovery efforts, as well as getting into the minds and valued leadership lessons of those that commanded the masses to win conflicts and win Peace.  Harvey values the practical application and usefulness of history as a policy making tool.  He knows the world well, those that would be friend and foe as well as those that that could teeter either way and then figure out how to influence them to build more constructive political coalitions. 


Harvey would more likely relate to the history of Money & Power and The History of Business " more so than his many years in Universities reading political papers, political science books and assignments "  Harvey`s prime political mentor and quest to carry on Ross Perot`s torch and legacy was his inspiration "  Yes, Perot has had issues and a bit of shadowy past as well; however, Perot like so many other great men came to realize and/or crave to give away money and/or knowledge in their older days.   Perot advocated the bringing of sound economic and finance principles to Washington to combine those Business principles with that of Public Administration.  


Harvey values Politics, Public Administration, and the History of Great Businessmen of the past:  One would think that Harvey would identify with Presidents; however, it was not Presidents of the past, that Harvey looked up too.  It was the great business men of the past that he felt did more and sold himself on Ross Perot as he hoped that his future self would identified with Perot`s vast understanding of Business and Public Administration.  Harvey sitting on a Fraternity balcony of an old Mansion now torn down for new townhomes knew and felt strongly that American needed more economic leadership, such as that, which Ross Perot brought to the table.  At that moment, Harvey wrote Mr. Perot telling him he wished he were old enough to run as his Vice President.  Yet, Harvey knew he was not at that level yet, but set out on an educational quest to gain higher credentials to be able to run public affairs in Professional Public Administrator manor as well as gain more real estate and business experience.  

Harvey set out to establish himself as more of a power broker and obtain a Business

Degree specializing in Real Estate and Finance along with several years of land development Experience, Masters work in Business, Public Administration, Diplomacy and International Commerce "


Harvey considered himself sort of like the special interest power brokers, and businessmen of the past in trying to understand the vast trade imbalance that was climbing daily due to bad and unfair trade deals.  He studied both current as well as the beginning fathers of International Trade and Commerce via St. Godric and Marco Polo.  His money and banking course went beyond the Biblical accounts of moneychangers with huge historical writings, and graphs that cited many noted economist and the historical understanding of historical figures like Cosimo de` Medici the father of banking and investors such as Matthew Bolton which he would consider the father of investment in good men and ideas.  Bolton brought about the James Watts rotary steam engine.  


Harvey looked at great capital improvement projects such as the building of the Transcontinental Railroad and the men that built it like (Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, and Thomas Durant).  He studied the capital markets and the rise of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve by analyzing the J. Piermont Morgan and John D. Rockefeller`s ability to control markets and yield far more power than any President of the time.  He looked at Robert Woodford his use of Coco Cola to rally a nation at war, Ted Turner and the value of CNN and how that news service became a valuable All Source Intelligence tool that helped him make invaluable suggestions to affect Defense Policy and command Conflicts in the Middle East during the 1st Gulf War.  Harvey took a quick look at Bill Gates and saw how he had taken the Military version of the internet that he knew of in the 80`s to a modern day marvel.  Harvey learned how to master the Internet to collect to also collect All Source Intelligence and to quickly and efficiently collect and present policy-making suggestions that saved lives and affected the economic fate of nations.  


Harvey `s rise into International Politics and feeling the weight and responsibilities of the Commander n Chief:   Harvey climbed faster and faster up the ladder, taking the time to pause and allow his educational credentials to catch up with his natural abilities of being able to access powerful figures to affect policy change.  By the time Harvey entered Masters School he had already participated in developing millions of dollars worth of land, much for free to gain the knowledge and experience, obtain real estate law contracts to understand how a legal document can be as valuable as a multimillion dollar check.  Harvey had ran for local and state political office at a young age and gained a credible showing for his age all while doing as opposed to making promises.  Harvey had had vast influence on his local community, had helped shape the long term funding of the Kentucky Education System.  


On the National and International level, Harvey vastly shaped International Politics and Defense Policy via Government Intelligence contacts, which he had met on a job in New York and Washington.  Through those channels, he had influenced the Panama Invasion to prevent hard-core drugs from coming through the Panamanian drug pipeline.  He had helped organize and maintain the multinational coalition during the 1st Gulf War that saved millions of lives, and positively affected the economic fate of nations.  Harvey was also compassionate and had suggested the Missionary Mission to Somalia, much out of empathy for a fellow undergraduate Somali Diplomat, which he gotten to know in his involvement with CIRUNA (Council on International Relations and United Nation Affairs).   


Many would see Harvey as a bit of a looser, because he had not amassed very much wealth.  Not, to compare Harvey with Christ, but these same people would most likely have thought the same about Christ teachings and what he had given to the world during his day also.  Harvey in many ways agrees with them.  While Big Business Defense Contractors amassed billions of dollars Harvey had amassed only a briefcase full of awards, press clippings, and letters from noted businesspersons, local officials, Governors, Senators and even this as society rewards those that can shoot a three pointers, punt, pass or kick a ball and a host of other recreational games, but offers little for those that constructively affect nation`s economies. 


Harvey recognizes his failures and felt the stress, not only in passing up personal gains, but also his place in history with that of helping George H. Bush win the 1st Gulf War, and the rise of corrupt Defense groups in the process.  Harvey`s strategy to quickly end the 1st Gulf War after a drunken delusional night of asking God if he would lose his soul had taken its toll on him.  Harvey went through a couple years of drinking and partying with college kids as he developed real estate and hung out at his friend`s bars in downtown Richmond, Kentucky.  Harvey had made the suggestion to have the American Air Force fly over and blow up the Kuwaiti Oil Fields, and take out the entrenched Iraq Army if they failed to heed the warnings and back out.  Because of that strategy, Halliburton and others were stationed on ships about four months prior to the High Noon Deadline Date that Harvey had set via his discussions with the Intelligence Agent.  


Those defense contractors later used their money and influence to nearly destroy the nation as they backed George W. Bush and undermined Americans economic and national security interest in a return to Iraq and a war in Afghanistan.  Both of which drained trillions of dollars from the American treasury, was directly and indirectly responsible for the tripling of the national debt from about five trillion to nearly fifteen trillion, tripling of welfare from about 17 to 45 million, tripling defense spending/squandering and more than tripling the trade imbalance that has nearly reached 1 trillion dollars a year.  This vast blundering by the Bush Administration can only be compared to the crazed Spanish Inquisition era of Phillip the II that ran his country into a deep depression.  


Harvey had been so affective in moving far beyond special interest in favor of America`s economic and national security; however, the problem came when he was out maneuvered by special interest in favor of a voice of reason.  It became a personal blessing for Harvey as he began a family and gave his focus, time and attention on raising his own family and trying to maintain a real estate business in a declining post 9/11 economy.  


Harvey `s young and struggling family:  Harvey sold some real estate, got married, had a son and moved to Florida, where he got involved in Recreational Real Estate Sales.  Harvey loved his relaxed Florida life while it lasted; he loved spending time walking the various Disney, Universal and Sea World parks with his beautiful Ukrainian wife and their young son, Christian.  Harvey loved landscaping his yard, and playing ball and watching his son ride his little car in the back yard, and helping him learn how to hit a waffle ball.  Harvey like so many others were about to be affected drastically economically; but Harvey was prepared and tried to prepare many of his friends for the downturn, but few listened and he saw them suffer economically.  


Harvey again excelled and consistently remained in the top 3% of the sales force at the number one resort in the World.  He sold a few million dollars worth and banked it preparing for the pending economic downturn that he knew was on the horizon.  Harvey hated to see his friends struggled so hard for such a long time.  Many were are still suffering today as they were older, had fewer safety nets, and had invested everything to try to live a semi-retired lifestyle in Florida not expecting such disregard for America, and mismanagement from Washington.  There was little Harvey could do to ease their struggles other than words of encouragement as Harvey had his own problems and health issues to contend with.  Yet, he never forgot the lesions of history and compared the Bush Administration to King Phillip of the Spanish Inquisition era, which also set out on lies and deceptions, and the squandering of vast wealth, and created nation economic hardships.


Harvey like Ross Perot`s concerns and warnings of taking America down the wrong path had became a reality.  Harvey `s family was young, but would have been supportive if he had became involved in trying to affect policy-making more aggressively or if he had decided to become more public, even though his wife did not like politics or being public.  Yet, Harvey had been overwhelmed, had eaten his daily dose of stress for breakfast and nearly overcome by energy and health problems that turned out to be Kidney Cancer.  


Harvey`s fight for Life in a battle with Kidney Cancer, giving him time to reflect and create visions of the future:  Harvey was not the only person with stress.  Many Americans had stress, they like Harvey were frustrated with the way America was implementing policy, two wars of choice, no progress in the quest to hunt down the claimed perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks and destruction of the World Trade Center Towers.  On top of that, the economy was declining, inflation was high, and the future began to get dim.  All while dealing with a massive cancer tumor the size of a grapefruit in his left kidney that ultimately had to be removed just in time.  


Harvey spent a couple years trying to recover to the point of just being able to stay out of bed for a day as his adrenal gland that gave him energy was also removed.  Yet, Harvey still managed to do more than a few dozen men in high level positions, but was unable to control George W. Bush and his group of Defense Special Interest that undermined America`s economic and national security interest over that of war profiteering.  This is always the problem with power and influence, and the scripting of history, for in the real world voices of reason are often tuned out in favor of either special interest, or their grand delusions of their own historical legacy.  Or perhaps that of trying to prove themselves to a father or the like, and in doing so make a fool of themselves as opposed to being themselves.  George W. Bush demanded his place in history and he will get it as being one of the worst Presidents America has ever had.  


It is sad that Harvey was not given a chance to make my place in history and help him as he did his father during the Panama Invasion, 1st Gulf War; and so on Harvey had paid his dues and more than deserved to be part of the Bush Administrations war on terror.  Yet, his writings and experience on the 1st Gulf War was manipulated and hyped by the Administration to justify a return to war.  


Harvey spent a great deal of time reflecting back and feeling depressed due to the lack of reason, fabrication to return to war and voiced his opposition to the United Nations, all of Congress, but just as the mass emails went out it was reported that a Virus " had affected the Congressional computers.  Harvey`s virus free mass emails, and counter policymaking position papers were purged from the Congressional computer banks, which claimed the Bush Administration had no justification for war, nor would they find WMD`s, no links to 9/11.  Harvey knew in his heart that this was just a fight picked by Bush as he spent two years campaigning, and pointing around the world to Axis of Evil as opposed to making friends and developing fair trade and commerce deals, job creation and the like.  


Harvey and the American people had lost their voice.  Harvey quickly saw the future of economic downturns, huge debt and a vicious rise of a more dominate Military regime controlling America over that of constructive leadership and he became Black Listed" by the Bush Administration.  Harvey out-credentialized by the various talking heads and eco-chambers of Washington his stories of concern, economic downturn, a decade of war and the like were met with disbelief and laughter by the press, pro-war rallies and the like.   Even Harvey`s long term friends began to question his sanity as he tried to explain how America was taking the wrong policy path, and that the war would not be a Shock n Awe War, or Lighting War. but a profiteering war that would undermine America`s economic and national security interest.  Harvey was right and he has written about it in 2012 nearly a decade later in sarcastic tones that the people fighting did not get the Memo that the war was over referring to Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld calling an end to major military operations a decade before  


Harvey unlike George W. Bush was a uniter and not a divider and his advice during his father`s Administration won the War in Iraq in 37 days and diminished Saddam to little more than the Mayor of Baghdad, under a no fly zone, UN Weapons Inspectors, etc. monitoring just about every movement that Saddam made.  He had been that way since the third grade where he had to give a speech about the Commonwealth of Kentucky flag. The Kentucky state flag is made of silk or poplin, navy blue in color the imprint in the center of the flag is a reproduction of the state seal bearing the words UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.  Harvey never forgot those words, the strong values of Kentucky, the United States and the vast history of America doing the right thing for the right reasons.  This is what distinguished America from other nations, that is what made America great, and Harvey was angry that the Bush Administration was using national pride to manipulate policy to justify an unjustified war.  


Harvey bluntly voiced that Bush and his inner circle sold Americans a False bill of goods that would affect so many personal freedoms.  He believed strongly that the idiotic policies would enslave generations to come economically, reduce education funding and push America off the shining city on the hill and into a declining culture.  The Bush policies put millions of minds in hardship, and contemplation of following the same path to collapse that the Soviet Union took that would threaten the very survival of the United States of America.  


Like most Americans Harvey always had America in his heart and these bastards had put their special interest of robbing the treasury and spilling American blood out of the heart of America and he felt that pain deeply.  From time to time Harvey would write President Bush or other High Level Political Figures in Washington only to get a form letter reply maintaining their failed policies that continued to rob American treasure and take American sons and daughters lives and that of other nations as the Global War on Terror pointed and often killed anything that moved.


As the terrorism craze and paranoia persisted, more and more questioned if there would be anyone challenge the movement and bring back a voice of reason to ensure the survival of the nation.  


Harvey grew up in an honest and just America, where the old Super Man or Justice League of America instilled Trust Justice and the American way.  This dominating mindset guided his generation, and vastly progressed America, and the way they viewed America and the way the world viewed America as well. For Americans were rarely divided on important issues, and were kind people that always had a smile on our face.  Harvey`s generation liked their TV shows with good values, good life lessons; that of honesty and integrity, which was also a driving force for constructive change.  


Harvey and most Americans also enjoyed a bit of fun and relaxation, culture and a wide variety of music and entertainment.  Harvey sees that America in many ways has declined, as the movies became more violent, music more perverse, and the American culture lost a great deal of moral fiber.  Harvey feels that the American Society has craved a restoration of the guiding light principles that America once had a daily dose of in their after school TV shows and in the streets, and neighborhoods.  


Harvey in his works and deeds has tried to restore the way Americans felt in his generation as well as the way the world views America.  He freely devoted himself to that cause at great sacrifice of personal stress and wealth. Yes, Harvey was very smart and had a wonderful background in business and his honesty and integrity would allow him to access huge sums of capital for business projects if he had or ever wishes to focus his attention there.  Yet, he has chosen to be a man of mystery, and a man that has been the puppet master of Presidents.  Harvey has honed his skills into being able to carry out great works and deeds as a public servant, which goes far beyond that of building mere multimillion-dollar communities, but that of rebuilding a nation, and building a foundation for other nations to do honest business with America throughout the world.


In the United States, the nation does a balancing act between Big Business and Big Government, while a continuous effort of invoking the "Bill of Rights" that protect the individual.  Harvey is often perplexed by either Big Business or Big Government treading upon the rights of humanity and both having hands on American`s wallets.  Harvey sees the Constitution of the United States of America and the first ten Amendments known as the "Bill of Rights" as giving equal and/or more emphasis on people over that of Business and Government; however, like other nations, it appears that special interest and politicians wish to make people subordinate to the state.  Which contradicts the out the old revolutionary statement of No Taxation without Representation. 


Now America clearly has Representation paid for by special interest and for sure taxation; and that taxation spent on Big Government and Big Business special interest projects, which, in many respects are not grandiose projects like in the past with the Continental Railroad, Federal Highway Administration, and other great infrastructure expansion and developments. 


There have been times that Harvey advocated a top-down approach to influencing policy.  He suggested bypassing Congress and going straight to the United Nations to organize and maintain the multi-national coalition during the 1st Gulf War in Iraq; while, Harvey sees this as a great accomplishment he also feels discontent in setting the precedent.  Harvey sees it as setting a precedent that was not used responsibly by the George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney`s Administration, for they used it to sell America a false bill of goods as they sent Secretary of State Colin Powell and CIA Director George Tenant to the United Nations to sell them on a return to Iraq.  All based on wild and fabricated intelligence connections between Iraq and 9/11, and claims they had WMD`s that would threaten the world. 


Harvey strongly feels the calling to serve the nation as well as business and citizen`s rights as well as their American Dreams.  Harvey recognizes that many of his thoughts are that in kind of past Political, Business and Citizen Leadership trying to do a balancing act that cares for all parties concerned.  He is not pro-war, but is willing to fight when it is right, he does not advocate huge debt, but will spend money if there is a great return for America, he favors business growth and development, but does not favor special interest that disrupts the balance.  Therefore, Harvey has always had so many guiding principles that many would consider him a failure as most politicians would take the money and run with whatever special interest venture no matter how silly it might be.  


Harvey`s America had become unbalance and the weight of Government, Big Business and the vast theft of Citizens blood and treasure caused Harvey to fell more like a failed Circus Juggler than that of a wise and intelligent Public Administrator, experience Businessman as well as a Citizen.  He like the country became unbalanced and fell for a time.  For over a decade he had warned the United States not to follow the same type of overspending policies that collapsed the Soviet Union, warned of long-term conflicts in the Middle East, and continued unfair trade deals that would vastly drain blood and treasure and affect America`s great economy.  Harvey was very stressed about how America could get so out of control and his blacklisting gave him no access to power to make changes. He could only watch as his worries came about.  Harvey longed for a voice of reason and continued to look back at the greats that built America to be able to someday change America`s attitude for a more positive and constructive move forward. 


Harvey`s America is that of greatness that covers all of the America`s.  He sees that the entire Continent of America is tied to the economic prosperity of America and the brokering of neighboring goods and services as that of also strengthening America`s interest. He sees that those that oppose America in the region as having no plan that really justifies their statements.  Chavez of Venezuela talks a tough game; however, his people live in squalor as do those that side with Chavez`s self-serving way of thinking and socialism goals that rarely have any social impact upon their societies.


Harvey often contemplated suggesting that the U.S. Southern Command take Chavez out as he did with the invasion of Panama to apprehend Drug Indicted Dictator General Manuel Noriega "  Yet, he restrained himself several times and decided to take the time to show the people of these regions that they have been misled and have nothing to show for it. Harvey even requested a $10 Billion Dollar Energy Loan to buy CITGO from the Venezuelan people and use the money to revitalize one of the largest squalor villages in the world.


Harvey supported NAFTA and CAFTA with proper labor and environmental standards; however, both failed to include such measures and America lost more than it gained.  NAFTA alone cost America over 200 billion a year that is added to the trade deficit.  Add other bad trade deals and the trade deficit climbs to nearly 1 trillion dollars a year, which is obviously unsustainable.  Harvey like Ross Perot does not support isolationism, but does advocate for Fair Trade over that of Free Trade. For Free Trade is not free as it cost Americans greatly.  


Harvey does not expect to stop every movement of the market, as there will continue to be rises and falls in the market and the Greatest Fool to be found that overpaid.  Yet, he thinks that with proper education and balance within policy making that these huge swings can be avoided "   Less speculation in the markets that feed upon the "Greatest Fool" and the American 4o1K`s, and other pension funds that tend to be managed by those Fools.  American in general are far from being fools and have vast commonsense.  HARVEY often discusses his thoughts and concerns with very average people.  Harvey is rarely disappointed when he asked for assistance with his thoughts. This is true Representation and Statesmanship at work when you can have such conversations with all walks of life from his home town, and spans all across America and abroad with a the click of a few laptop or phone keys, or Skype calls.  Harvey also deals with the greatest think tanks on earth and is often a voice of reason that takes the lead within those groups to gain collective and constructive visions to guide America forward.  


Intelligence networks often marveled at how Harvey has been able to establish such a vast network of contacts, which reputedly out-thought and outpaced the output of policy position papers that consistently put the CIA and KGB at their prime to shame. His historical use of All Source Intelligence, sound conceptualization and citizen engagement has far exceeded anything that any intelligence network in history has been able to establish.  Harvey knew that the balancing act had to be maintained.  Harvey also realized that the CIA, like the KGB was no more than paid lobbyist and destructive policy makers.  


Groups like the American Chamber of commerce for example has a membership that funds the organizational activities, and then use those funds to lobby and/or promote growth and development.  Well, the CIA and KGB and it`s equivalent today are basically the same; however, they thrive on death and destruction as opposed to construction. All have played the old game of "War and Rumors of War" all throughout history and one has to recognize this and try to stay a few steps ahead of such groups before they provide intelligence and/or policy positions that may not be in the best interest of the American people, but favor special interest donors instead.  Tough, but this is a reality within all nations and President Eisenhower often warned of the rise of the "Military Industrial Complex" for this very reason.


Harvey recovering from Cancer focuses on Eastern Europe`s Market Economy:  While most Americas were rallying around George W. Bush running the country into a collapse like the Soviet Union Harvey spent his time learning the lessons that helped the former Soviet States rebound.  Harvey married a beautiful and wonderful lady from the Ukraine and since 2003 had traveled back and forth to the former Soviet State.  Harvey had anticipated while he was station in Germany the fall of the Berlin Wall and via covert activities influence the Bush, Sr. Administration to promote the fall via the use of old Reagan video clips of Reagan stating Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.  


During the Bush, Sr. Administration Harvey had put words on Gorbachev`s mouth via his intelligence contacts where Gorbachev stated publically that he would guarantee Iraq`s borders if Saddam Hussein would back out of Kuwait; however, Saddam stayed firm and the U.S. via Harvey`s strategy quickly won the war.


Now, Harvey was following up on the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, better known as the Iron Curtain.  In the process he had suggested the U.S./IMF make loans, focus on nuclear security and buy out many of the nuclear weapons that were pointed at the United States as well as to keep them off the black market and perhaps even fall into terrorist hands.  Harvey was a forward thinking that saw policy years in advance.  He also suggested that the U.S. buy into the Russian Mir Space Station and convert it into an International Space Station.


Harvey`s studies of the region and later in person accounts knew that the former Soviet States had to convert to a Market Economy or end up fighting themselves over resources.   Most remember the long toilet paper lines and the empty shelves.  Harvey saw a lot of this first hand nearly a decade into the Soviet Collapse.  His time behind the former Iron Curtain resulted in the following. 


Harvey was not part of a Washington NGO, or USAID group.  He went on his own and vowed not to give capital, but experience to help reestablish a bit of order and observe the oligarchs making a fortune privatized each and every square inch of the former Soviet States. 


Harvey`s first perceptions was that of thinking that 25% were clinging to the old Communist ways, 25% pulling towards Capitalism and 50% stuck in the middle with no clue what to do.  While a 1/4th were trying to operate and save the old Soviet system, but profiting and catering to the special interest that were profiting from the new economic model of privatization that included many elements of capitalism much of the old guard stayed in place. 


Harvey was aware that the old KGB was still in the streets promoting a return to Communism; however, the younger more aggressive of the KGB and more powerful families began to go after the money, as opposed to the ideologies.  Most realized that the old ideologies had placed them, and their families, in such hardship for so long and moved on; however, many of the old guard drank themselves to death, (Over 50,000 people a year were drinking themselves to death according to former Prime Minister of Ukraine).  They just could not accept the fact that the Great Soviet model had collapsed and left them with nothing.  


Harvey recognized that Putin and others in the East had studied a bit of Western economics, realizing that Centralization of power was not working as the prime economic model.  It may work for Centralized Power to have strong leadership, but the economic aspects needed to be a 1950`s type of America economy at best.  


There were many lessons learned from reintegration of Eastern Germany and Harvey `s first hand dealing with Poland and Poland`s interest in joining NATO.  Harvey had worked closely with USAID Students visiting the United States and traveled to gatherings at the Polish Embassy in Washington.  Discussions on taxation,  East Germany, Capitalism, Free Markets the comparison of Poland and Western Europe to NAFTA deals between Mexico and the United States that should attract capital market funds, advance industrial and agricultural development, etc.


Harvey would have been a great CIA Case Officer or NATO Liaisons Officer in Eastern Europe:  Harvey has over twenty-five years High Level Political Level Experience as well as a vast understanding of Capital Markets, Trade and Commerce, Real Estate and Finance.  In addition to his private sector business, Harvey has served as a high-level political consultant dealing with the funding of local, state, national and international projects, to include military conflict and conflict resolution.  


Harvey`s has spent most of his life as a political activist and dealing with high-level political and business issues, which he feels has saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations.   Harvey spent a great deal of his life`s focus on establishing, acquiring, restructuring, privatizing, and expanding private-sector companies and then using such experience  to do the same in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union.   


Harvey prided himself in his ability to pack up and go to the Eastern Block while they were experiencing great hardships.  Harvey`s works were instrumental and making many constructive changes within the Eastern Block.  Harvey personally met many land developers and analyzed many development projects within Eastern Europe`s Big Emerging Markets (BEMs).  A great deal of attention has gone to focusing on the creation of Public, Private Partnerships, and serving on numerous Investment Committees as well as a few NGO`s, and personally knows every major Consulting Group working in the Ukraine.


Mr. Carroll has served for nearly three decades in various capacities within the real estate, land development, and within the international commerce and finance industries.  Harvey has vast hands on experience from his travels to more than thirty countries; to include long-term integration of himself within the Western and Eastern European social, political and business cultures, and dealt with a variety of Middle Eastern crises issues.  


Harvey`s education and experience has allowed him to become a very strong and powerful Washington D.C. advocate for international affairs, crises issues in the Middle East, the expansion of Big Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe.  A strong focus on business and economic reforms, comprehensive planning to expand growth and development    Politically, Harvey favored and perhaps initiated the Two State Solution between Israel and Palestine, a NATO Poland (WITH CAUTIONS NOT TO AGRESSIVELY PUSH AND/OR THREATEN RUSSIA`S NATIONAL SECURITY), a belief in a NEUTRAL Ukraine and Georgia, and relationships that are more constructive with the Russian Federation via the RESET POLICY.   


Harvey values his friendships with corporate executives, community/regional planners, and strong consortium of companies throughout the Ukraine/World dealing with land development, real estate, finance consultants, and nearly a dozen solid capital market/fund managers that actively invest.


Harvey also values his ability to make contacts throughout the Globe at all levels, to include Senior-level Business and Government Officials.  These strong relationships have allowed him to influence policy within many American Cities, as well as key International Level with his interest focused on Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Americas. 


Harvey is a frequent speaker and chairperson at political and real estate/investments conferences.  Credentialed as holding a Bachelors of Business Administration; specializing in Real Estate and Finance, 3 partial masters (MBA, MPA, Diplomacy and International Commerce). *Experience exceeds Ph.D. level. 


Contrary to some beliefs, Harvey was never an official spy for the U.S. Intelligence Agencies such as the CIA.  Most accounts of Harvey show that he is a voice of reason that prefers a softer, quieter, more reasonable approach to that of a high-speed covert operator; however, Harvey would have made a great NOC the top of the line Non Official Cover operative.  Harvey`s natural ability to make friends would have made him a great spy.  Like most covert operatives performs unforgettable favors for people, even strangers, city and state officials and many Ukrainian and International Organizations.  He leaned from his Kentucky roots that you get what you put out.  If you are kind and help people, they will help you if you need it.  Granted this kind of personality can be taken advantage of, but Harvey is wise enough to know if it will benefit him or help him gain knowledge that will benefit him in the long run.  


Harvey often took on projects just to have the analysis, and work ready for deals that he may have interest in at another location; therefore, doing a favor for free only added value in building relationships, while expanding his database in preparation for other more important ventures that he saw would materialize down the road.


Harvey gained valuable skills and loved (working with people) rabota s lyud`mi.  Harvey clearly understood how to use his Military and Country Boy Interpersonal Communication Skills, interact with people (sobshenie s lyud`mi), and develop constructive relationships with them, their organizations, cities, state, etc.   


Harvey did his share of independent studies on the principles of Intelligence gathering, and High Level Diplomatic Delegations.  Those that know his background and accomplishments have no doubts about his credentials be it taught in the deepest darkest shadows of a U.S. Intelligence Agency and held a Super Grade rank in a group that no one has ever heard of, or just a super smart guy with wonderful ability to communicate Diplomatically with a voice of reason " 


Harvey`s view of History and the rise of money and banking:  Most know that there were money-changers in the day of Jesus and long before doing primitive forms of coining money and banking.  Fractional Banking in its essence is not a bad thing as it has been used to finance many great industries and help establish a set price that the market will buy at if a product is brought to the market.  St. Godric and about eighty-five years later Marco Polo`s trade and commerce ventures set out to create vast international markets.  People realized that hiding their money in their mattress did little to increase their wealth.  Therefore, they began to trust in the rise of the banking systems and deposit their money, which in turn the bank paid them interest.  The bank loaned that money out for a higher rate of return and in turn, those borrowers made money and/or purchased secured/collateralized assets that the bank found worthy investments to secure and pay their depositors.  Cosimo de` Medici of Italy was one of the most noted bankers that perfected banking in his day and that of fractional lending, interest and balancing risk vs. reward.  


Tulip Standard in 1620`s in Holland as the popular and demanded flower became stored in bank vaults, and with commodity brokers collateralized tulips and their bulbs to secure money, land, homes and the like just as commodities and futures markets operate today.  People were even rambling on about converting from a Gold Standard to a Tulip Standard.  


Be it Tulips, Gold, Silver, or Food as any great commodity it raises and it falls, as more and more enter the market, or groups of speculators syndicate the purchase in hopes of reward.  Many with malicious intent to creating rumors of fields being trampled, eaten by insects, burned and the like to inflate values.  Then the bubble rises like any commodity rises; swelling to it burst, and the values of the rare Tulip Bulb, Oil, Corn, Wheat or whatever is sold at a higher and higher prices until they find the Greatest Fool. The risk taking market speculators or Greatest Fool`s ego is deflated as the prices plummet; thereby, creating the inevitable Business Cycle of that goes from boom to bust.  The Greatest Fool or Fools left holding the devalued assets.  Harvey wishes there was a way to deal with inflation, create price stability; however, markets have a tendency to motivate and allow people to rest and reflect as long as that reflection and/or recession does not turn into a Depression.  


Harvey`s opinion of Presidents and balance between Big Business:  Harvey saw that Presidents come and go, but big money usually stays in the hand of the elite.  There is a long list of Presidential assassinations and attempted assignations and somewhat loose, but vaguely obvious connects of those Presidents going up against the most powerful money managers in history.  The balance between representing People and catering to Big Business has and is a difficult feat.  President can get out of control and take the country down a wrong path just as elite money managers can misguide and/or use their special interest influence to take America and perhaps even the world down the wrong path.


Harvey feels that Big Business has achieved great feats, and often it is Presidents that is staged to give much of the credit, for the grand ventures.  However, most Presidents of the past are viewed as just another promise making politician, which did little, and had little effect on the American way of life, nor did they benefit people in any major way. 


Most Presidents come, go, and end up nothing more than a photo in a History book.  Few Americans know or even care to know who the past few presidents were.   President Obama is an out of the ordinary in American politics as he is a Black Man in the White House and has gained great national and international notoriety.  Bush also gained such notoriety for taking America and the world down a wrong path.  Clinton has been quite active and his wife as President Obama`s Secretary of State has kept him in the spotlight; however, few get little more than a footnote in people`s daily lives that are consumed by family, friends, sports, music and so forth..  


Big Business over the past several years like in the late 1800`s and early 1900`s has commanded people`s attention far more than politics has.  For Great Business Men of History were the ones were the real builders of America and shaped its future.  Men like Astor, Carnegie, Cook, Gould, Harrison, Hill, Huntington, Morgan, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and the Rockefellers; they were the real builders of America. 


Presidents like most small town politicians have a very small and narrow view and offer little in the way of progress.  Politicians, while they represented the People, often offer very small-minded concepts as opposed to real vision; and any visions they might have are most often bought and paid for by the Big Business Barons for personal gain, as well as the gain of those that backed those visions.  Big Business is and has became the real democratic process in the form of money, and the power that it yielded to affect progress in the Of the people, buy the people, for the special interest world we really live in.   Big Business has created most of the real growth and development in the markets; however, allow Big Business to run rapid without a bit of regulation and they will tip the scales in favor of themselves, get fat and lazy and slow growth and development.  Therefore, Government does have a role in influencing and keeping Big Business lean.  If only it could keep Big Government lean.


Harvey once admired great Politicians of the Past.  Now, it appears that he realizes that Presidents were rarely the driving force for change, that they provided little more than lip service, and broken promises to the people they represented.  He has been appalled at the Bush Administration that ran America down the wrong path.  Harvey likes to look at Christ and compare the money-changers of the day as not being money managers and bankers that had respect, but those of money-changers preaching and sending multitudes off to their death in the God`s name.  Simple Wolves in Sheep`s Clothing and he does not feel that Christ would have condoned the Bush Administration ,and his religious rallying for the Afghani Inquisition quest that squandered trillions of Americas blood and treasure.


Harvey and his thoughts on the Federal Reserve System (FED):  Harvey has often defended the FED, while many wish to condemn the Federal Reserve System (FED).  The FED is not without its problems; however, if one reviews the history of business and money, they will see there have always been faults with money and banking, so why would there not be problems now.  Yet, with all of money and banking faults, there has always been a form of money and banking.  


Harvey does not see the money and banking as Christ`s version of Money-Changers, nor, does he see money and banking as a bad thing or bad industry.  From the Christian perspective, Christ notes the difficulty of a rich man being able to enter the Gates of Heaven, as equivalent of putting a camel through the eye of a needle.  Harvey believes if a man can move a mountain with the faith of a mustard seed, then he can make it to heaven with a bit of faith.  A mere mortal man can simply looking through the eye of the needle and see the camel and perhaps the world a bit more clearly.  One can also move a mountain with the faith of a mustard seed by simple looking at it closely, and the mountain will disappear; thereby, masking the mountain with a closer look at the mustard seed.  Harvey believes we should all take a closer look at Faith.   


Harvey realizes that humanity has mastered the art of moving of mountains that go beyond that of simple mustard seeds illusions.  Mountains can be mined, and moved quite easily these days, simply with the use of heavy excavation equipment.  Harvey likes to think beyond the mountains of the past and take a mustard seed hold it up close to eye and look out into the Heavens.  As we look, we realize that behind that seed or look through the eye of a needle that there are billions of stars/solar systems within our own Milky Way Galaxy, as well as going far beyond our own galaxy.  


Harvey since his University Astronomy class has been humbled by knowing that there are literally billions of other Galaxies behind that simple little mustard seed or look through the eye of the needle "  Harvey notes that a kaleidoscope look into the Heavens from all directions that there are billions if not trillions of Galaxies in all directions.  Harvey ponders the thoughts of what if humans decided to do away with the money and banking systems of the past and decided that every nation should create the money it needs to build infrastructure, create vast agribusiness to feed the masses and to build and explore the good of humanity and to explore the Heavens.  Harvey had no doubt that other worlds would exist, but getting there will be pretty much an impossible task?  


Harvey knows that humanity failed to think beyond greed and destroyed themselves over resources as opposed to sharing them with each other to advance great civilizations, so how could a huge change in the FED make things easier for the multitudes, while still making money and banking a viable need.  Harvey sees that the real problems that exist today existed 2000 years ago as Christ threw the money-changers " from within the Temple.  Christ was very upset with the lack of respect for the Temple/Church, as it was not a place of business.  The Temple/Church was in the business of saving souls and helping improve the minds and goodness of humanity.  Money-changers had their purpose, but being inside the Temple doing business is as rude as having a loud cell phone conversation in Church or a Movie today " It was just not appropriate, nor is appropriate today for profiteers to invoke God`s name to perpetrate conflicts for profit.  So, how can we solve these problems?


Harvey feels that too many Christians and politicians and the like try to associate the anger Christ had with the money-changers to that of Wall Street, Banks, the Federal Reserve System that maintains the global economic system.  This misunderstanding has caused America and Christians to fall behind in many respects, for without money it is hard to do Gods great deeds around the world. Perhaps this is why In God We Trust is printed upon American money.  Harvey`s question is how can be print more and do more to educate and improve humanity for good as opposed to evil?


Harvey feels that there will be no changes in the FED at this point in history, and it will continue to point to the American Federal Reserve System and other Central Banks around the world as being the modern day moneychangers and the root of all evil, but Harvey disagrees.  Harvey recognizes the value of the FED as all throughout history there has been the rise and fall of economies.  The Federal Reserve System in many ways is a 4th Branch of Government.  


The FED should be part of the Checks and Balance system, and more influence from the FED placed upon Governments ability to go too deeply into debt.  Others as well as HARVEY on many occasions will and have argued all throughout history of money and banking that the FED and its equivalent of money-changers within the Temple encourage and/or via special interest funding buy Government into running up debt and engaging in War for profit.  As central banks increase debt, and feed the money-changers thirst for blood and power they benefit many fold, via the industries that they control as well as the interest created out of thin air that only benefits the few hands that wealth is shifted into via interest on debt to money-changers, and those that feed upon America.  


The only way to change this is via a long-term education plan and the creation of a more serious development of America and the world.  Harvey believes that in order to survive as a human race, we have to have an American Common Defense that has to have commonsense; a Defense Industry that does not cater to special interest, nor should a Commissioned Congress.  Harvey often notes that many great economies throughout history have risen and fell via poor management of their citizens, and their nation`s great wealth.


Harvey would like to see a form of stability, and regulation in the markets that will protect investor`s funds. However, he does not advocate for the ending of the Federal Reserve System (The FED) and describes the need and short case for the soundless of paper money over that of the Gold Standard here



Harvey likes to be constructive and forward thinking and often remind Americans and the world that America is vast, and has thousands of years of future growth and development if solid comprehensive planning, and sound economic and finance principles followed.  Perhaps it is time to create a new and much bolder form of money and banking, or working within the framework of the current global systems that are in place, but in a much more constructive way.  However, Harvey urges caution as the past has shown that when many central banks begin to have problems, and more and more citizens begin to feel the stresses and depression, that wars often follow.  The vast death and destruction of two World Wars, and a number of others major conflicts, humanity should have learned its lessons, and avoided returning down the bloody paths of the past.


Harvey strongly feels that America and the world is in need of more dreamers, those with real visions and constructive leadership like the bold projects of the past, the TVA, Hoover Dam, the Continental Rail Road, the Federal Highway System and the like to get America motivated and off their ass to make great things happen.  Harvey recognizes that America is still young and virtually undeveloped.  He feels that America needs to revitalize its education and create more constructive mentoring programs, so more American can gain youthful leadership experience, so that they can visualize and share new and bold visions for America and the world.  


Harvey sees America as needing to get on the path to prosperity, and feels that America can look to the future, and to the heavens with faith, builds new paths/roads and rail systems throughout America, process timbers into lumber, furniture, and homes to live the American Dream. 


mericans can move mountains, mine the minerals, clear great roadbeds to build roads, and railroads, build bridges.  Americans can invest internally and gain national and international investors to ramp up new and expanding factories in affordable communities, refine petroleum, and natural gas, build new forms of transportation and mass transit, and build new, sustainable, and environmentally friendly green energy to supply those new and expanding communities along the way.   


Taken from a collection of Federal Background Investigations, Press Releases and rare Interviews of Harvey Carroll, Jr.


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