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Published:June 11th, 2012 17:14 EST

Pop Tart Snooki: I Don't Want To Breastfeed & Look Like A Cow!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"But the Jersey Shore party girl (Snooki) has, of course, stopped drinking. `All my friends are like, `You can have a glass of wine.` I`m like, `No.` I refuse because I`m going to be that person that has a glass of wine and [the] baby comes out with three legs.`"


US Magazine

This Snooki quote reveals how lame her friends are, and by extension how lame she is.

Snooki shouldn`t consider anyone who urges her to drink alcohol a friend, they are leeches who just want to hang out with a reality star.

Snooks "friends" don`t think much of her intelligence or moral character, they think she is such a silly skank that it will be easy to persuade her to drink when she`s pregnant.

Anybody who is like always saying "like" could probably be persuaded to drink turpentine.

Snooki`s baby is scheduled to be born Dec 21, 2012, (Doomsday), her offspring will most likely be born with two horns and three legs, regardless if she drinks wine or not.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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