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Published:June 14th, 2012 10:41 EST

Bar Heckler Sues Hottie Bristol Palin For Defamation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A guy who confronted Bristol Palin in a Los Angeles bar last fall and loudly proclaimed that her mother was `evil` and a willing participant in the world`s oldest profession is now suing the reality show star claiming that -- wait for it -- she defamed him.

The September confrontation between Stephen Hanks and Bristol Palin in the Saddle Ranch bar on L.A.`s Sunset Strip was caught by a crew filming a scene for the reality show "Bristol Palin: Life`s a Tripp," which debuts June 19 (the title is a reference to Bristol`s son with Levi Johnston).

Hanks claims he`s the wronged party because the producers of the Lifetime reality show are using the clip even though he never signed a waiver. Hanks` lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court says Bristol`s statements to the gossip magazine hurt his reputation and damaged his career."


Hanks has a lot of nerve, I bet if he loses his suit and shoots Bristol Palin he will sue her if he gets a blister from squeezing the trigger.

I would agree with Hanks that Sarah Palin is evil personified, but there`s no evidence that she`s a member of the worlds` oldest profession. My bad, I forgot she`s a politician, and not just a celeb bimbo.

Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin are in the business of courting controversy and publicity, they shouldn`t be too surprised when someone files a frivolous lawsuit against them.

It`s hard to know who to root for; I guess I hope that Hanks wins the suit, and blows his winnings in Vegas.

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