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Published:June 15th, 2012 11:28 EST

America's Future: Zombie Apocalypse & Bristol Palin President Of The USA

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Appearing on Sean Hannity to promote her new reality show, Life`s a Tripp, which premieres Tuesday on Lifetime, Palin told the Fox host that while she`s too young to run for office, she`s not completely discounting the possibility she`ll follow in Mom Sarah`s pit bull footsteps. `I don`t think I`d shut [the door] completely yet,` Palin told Hannity.


Sarah Palin is getting a little bit long in the tooth, and once she loses her physical attractiveness, that`s it she`s done. The former beauty queen doesn`t have the experience, moral character, wisdom, eloquence, or intelligence to be a successful  politician. All the former half-term governor of Alaska has is her quickly fading good looks, in another couple of years even her most fervent supporters will turn away from her.

Unfortunately, that doesn`t mean that we won`t have a Palin to kick around any more, Bristol Palin hasn`t shut the door on running for office.

But you argue even Republicans wouldn`t vote for an attractive young woman whose only claim to fame is being a contestant in a reality show. Never underestimate the ignorance of conservatives, the round-faced hottie has politician written all over her.

Our future is bleak: Economy in ruins, $7.00 gas, zombie apocalypse and Bristol Palin as President of the United States.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org