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Published:June 15th, 2012 12:02 EST

Floyd Mayweather Begs Judge To Set Him Free! Dude, You Ain't Lindsay Lohan!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Floyd Mayweather`s request that he be released from jail because the low-quality food and water have threatened his health was denied by a Las Vegas judge who says he should eat and drink what is being given to him behind bars."


Daily Mail

Ten days after the tough boxer turned himself in to begin a three-month sentence, he is begging to be freed from jail because jail grub tastes nasty and he`s not used to drinking non-designer water. Mayweather wants the court to put him under house arrest -- not gonna happen.

Mayweather may be a celebrity, but he ain`t blond, white and female. If Lindsay Lohan lands in jail again because of her latest car crash, she will only spend a few hours behind bars. All Lohan has to do is complain to a correctional officer that she can`t work on her sun tan in jail, and she will be released before you can say "celeb bimbos rule."

Sorry champ, but you ain`t pretty or pale enough, get used to eating bologna sandwiches and drinking tap water.

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