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Published:June 16th, 2012 10:27 EST
 'Mute NO More' Motivates Americans against Deadly Hunger in Sudan

'Mute NO More' Motivates Americans against Deadly Hunger in Sudan

By SOP newswire

mute NO more (MNM) announces today its campaign to mobilize Americans to stop the genocide and save the 800,000 Sudanese lives at risk of starvation in the next 30-60 days. MNM is urging Americans to contact their elected officials immediately at or on Facebook at and entreat them to stop the bombing by incapacitating the Sudanese military airstrips or by enforcing a no fly zone over the affected area in order to allow humanitarian groups to begin relief work.

mute NO more is joining other organizations advocating for the Sudanese who are being aerial bombed every day as part of their government`s ethnic cleansing mass starvation strategy. Save the Nuba and Samaritan`s Purse, as well as celebrities like George Clooney, have already been involved in taking a stand for the Sudanese who are being killed because they do not agree with Sudanese President Al-Bashir`s radical religious ideology (see Brad Phillips testimony before Congress and Washington Times editorial

Bashir has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court on three counts of genocide for his previous "cleanses" in which he is responsible for killing 100,000`s of innocent civilians. The bombings force the Sudanese to leave their farms and seek shelter in the mountains where there is little to no food. If action is not taken before the rainy season begins in the next month or two, relief efforts will be severely hindered and the people will die from starvation according to multiple news sources.

It`s been almost 70 years since the Holocaust ended with 6,000,000 innocent people dead and the world`s leaders said `never again` to genocide. However, `never again` is happening now and according to two time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof, world leaders are mostly "turning a blind eye" to this crisis and as a result, "many will starve to death in the coming months".

mute NO more is dedicated to encouraging and mobilizing people to do the right thing by speaking up for those who have no voice and are suffering unjustly. For more information visit