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Published:June 16th, 2012 10:24 EST
Woman Condemns Misinformation of Belfast Telegraph in Lennox Case

Woman Condemns Misinformation of Belfast Telegraph in Lennox Case

By SOP newswire

The following letter has been written by a woman in London who denounces the misinformation provided by a reporter at The Belfast Telegraph to a woman in Tasmania, an animal rights activist who is concerned about the fate of the death row Lennox in Belfast. The information that Lennox has been put down disturbs the Tasmanian woman and she starts crying.  


"Belfast Telegraph,

Why are you lying and misinforming the public .The courts of small insular Northern Ireland are not the FINAL verdict for anyone, as you well know. Lennox will have a much better chance of survival when the matter goes before the Upper Level Court in England, or, The European Court Of Human Rights.

I highly recommend that you do not deliberately, and for your own entertainment state to the public, as you have done and published, that Lennox has been murdered, or will be murdered, as you do not know that this will ever realistically take place. You could very well, by such actions cause the unnecessary death of one or more of the people who read your rubbish, there have been previous suicides in the aftermath of emotive issues in the press previously on numerous occasions over many years.

For your future information the Lennox family have released a statement on Facebook saying that Lennox is not deceased and that all further legal avenues are being explored currently.

We would appreciate it if you took more care with the type of information you provide to the public in the future.

With Regards,   

Prudence Halliwell"       

Listen to the audio of the call at this link.