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Published:June 17th, 2012 10:38 EST

Cops Tase Nude Lady, 80, For Disturbing The Peace With Her Walking Cane

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Dorchester County, S.C., used a Taser on a nude 80-year-old woman after she allegedly attempted to attack police with her walking stick. WCSC reports that when police answered a complaint of someone making loud noises in the area, they were met by an elderly woman wearing no clothes on her porch, reportedly hitting the steps of her porch with her cane."



Police tase a sweet 80-year-old woman as she`s hobbling along on a walking stick!

Police brutality! Outrage!

Not exactly! This isn`t a sweet old lady, she`s a she-devil who was breaking the windows of a house with her walking cane. Most elderly women aren`t sweet angels, they`re full of piss and vinegar. When you have to wear adult diapers and you`ve lost most of your teeth, it tends to sour your disposition.

One must not forget that this old bat wasn`t wearing a stitch of clothing, that`s a legitimate reason to tase her. How would you like to wake up from the noise of your windows shattering, and discover a nude old woman raising holy hell on your porch? You might be tempted to deal with the situation with a shotgun and not a taser.

The woman was arrested at the house where she lives, she broke the windows at a house where she used to live because she was upset with her former landlord.

The cops deserve a raise and a commendation, for dealing with a difficult situation with tact and diplomacy.

The woman was taken to the emergency room, they should have shipped her off to a psychiatric facility.

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