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Published:June 18th, 2012 16:14 EST

Goose Named 50 Cent After He Survives Being Shot 7 Times

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What do you call a goose that survived being shot seven times?

Staffers at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Mountain Home, Ark., initially wanted to name the waterfowl `Tupac,` after the late rapper.


`Tupac died though,` Rob Conner, the veterinarian who treated the bird, told The Baxter Bulletin newspaper. `[Rapper] 50 Cent was shot several times and he survived, so we named him 50 Cent.`"


50 Cent the goose was shot seven times with a pellet gun, but like his namesake he is a survivor. It takes more than a few bullets to keep a good man or a good goose down.

I agree it would have been bad luck to name the goose after the late Tupac, it makes more sense to name him after a rapper who is still alive and kicking.

Many individuals have offered to adopt 50 Cent; I hope the poor creature will find a loving home. LOL, I`m sure there are a lot of folks who would also love to adopt the multi-millionaire 50 Cent the rapper.

50 Cent the goose may even have a career as a mascot and rapper for an insurance company, if the Aflac duck can rap and quack his fool head off as a pitchman (pitchduck?), why can`t 50 Cent?

The future is bright for this victim of fowl play, he`s worth a lot more than the two-bit criminal who shot him.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic goose, not 50 Cent)

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