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Published:June 18th, 2012 16:44 EST

Miracle: Cats Befriend Baby Robin!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Karin Caston`s two cats have accepted another animal into the family, a baby robin, Peeps, that Caston has been nursing along for two weeks since she found it abandoned in her Otsego Township yard.


The bird lives in a cage she bought at a garage sale, but prefers to spend its time nestled in the fur of Caston`s cats, or perched on their backs or Caston`s finger - and she`s got the photos to prove it."


My cat, Ebony, is a sweet pussycat, but when she sees a bird her predator nature comes to the forefront. Ebony scratches at the window like crazy, and makes weird noises, she`s just dying to get at the bird.

It`s very unusual that a cat would let a bird nestle in its fur, that`s one for the books. Peeps will soon be released by Karin, Lord I hope that Peeps won`t try to befriend the first cat she meets. Peeps won`t be nestled in a strange cat`s fur, she will be in his stomach.

This heartwarming story isn`t for the birds, we are animal lovers here at SOP. If you have any feel-good animal stories, please share them with us.

Click the mlive link to see pics of Peeps and the cats:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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