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Published:June 19th, 2012 13:43 EST
A Scenery of My Own

A Scenery of My Own

By Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari

I look back
at the meadows
at the forgotten paths
that travel through depths 
through heights
hard rocks

the ways that
accompany spines,
winds, and fragrances

I look back,
at the faces,
some blurred
some shining

I look at those glowing chains
joining faces
with scenery that
stay in my head

then I see 
in my eyes
that shower upon the scenery 
make it clear
so that
I could see the faces
that are 
in my scenery,
the faces that
compose hard stoned rocks
in my scenery,
the faces
that I could not see
in my scenery
but I can feel them
as fragrance,
the fragrance
that leads one to
a right path
through steeps
through heights,
that deviates one
from swamps
I smile back
at them
with the tears,
that water
the meadows
of my scenery,
that soften
the rocks,
and turn swamps
running lakes