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Published:June 19th, 2012 13:05 EST
Madonna Meets with Mr. Adnan Oktar in Istanbul

Madonna Meets with Mr. Adnan Oktar in Istanbul

By SOP newswire

(From Mr. Adnan Oktar`s live conversation on A9 TV)

ADNAN OKTAR: Yesterday, I`ve met with Madonna, for about an hour.... I have also met that young man, her partner and she also has spiritual children, they are very sweet, I have stroked their cheeks.

I have seen that Madonna is a beautiful person, she has beautifully colored eyes. I have complimented her, I said, "Your eyes are very beautiful." I paid several compliments to her. What else... She liked the carpet very much, she folded it herself and put it inside its cover. The children were very sweet. One of them came to me and hugged me. They were extremely sweet.

They have showed great courtesy and reverence, may Allah be pleased with them. Masha`Allah. There, Madonna had seen that Islam is actually not like the way the bigots misrepresent it to be, she saw this personally from us. That is because I have understood it from the love I saw in her eyes, from the kindness in her eyes. And I think that she will be far better. By this meeting, we have erased that bigot - Muslim image that she and many other people might have in their minds. Because the trust she felt there is very important. I mean you know she usually takes extraordinary security measures when accepting people but when I went there, there were no security measures taken. There was a complete love, a complete trust and complete confidence in between us. Her manners were very candid. Well, we`ve thus met. Of course there are many other details that I cannot tell .

We were together for more than an hour. Insha`Allah. I will not give any information about where we met, but we did meet. Insha`Allah. She is a positive person, a sympathetic person, she is open to benovelence, open to goodness and beauty. Every person has his or her beautiful aspects, his or her good characteristics. Especially cultured people, especially artists have a much higher tendency towards Islam. Yet if you approach them with the bigoted mindset, you would of course do harm, but if you approach with a sincere Muslim spirit with a rational mindset and if you reveal the light of Islam while shoving aside the ugliness of bigotry, Allah would create very nice instruments...

I saw that Madonna is a person full of love; I saw her approaching with exuberance. I saw that she was in very good faith, assuming a modest approach... When Madonna came, that is when we met yesterday, I gave also that book of mine to her. I presented many of my books to her and informed her about the activities. She was very pleased with them. Masha`Allah.

Yes Madonna is an performer but she has a cause. What does she want? She wants peace for the world, she wants brotherhood, just happiness for everyone. She might have wrong methods in doing so but she has a right cause. She wants the Mahdi system, and of course we will ally with her, we will team up with her to achieve that...

This brother of ours is asking; "What does Madonna say about her being a Kabbalist?" Well, that is correct, she is a Kabbalist. Being a Kabbalist, becoming one of the followers of the Kabbalah is not something to be surprised about. That is a study that goes way back in history. The important point here is to define whether or not these people are open to Islam and the Qur`an, whether or not they are open to the truth and the facts. This is what is important.

And there is also Rabbi Yehuda Berg, their leader. He has also come here as my guest several times. We met him and some of his other friends. He as well is a very modest, humane person who can be easily be spoken to. He [Yehuda Berg] is full of love towards Islam. He is quite fond of Muslims. He is very willing to talk to Muslims, he is very willing to communicate with them, he is very willing to meet them... I mean he says that the year 2012 is the key year and that Istanbul is a sacred city, that Istanbul is a very critical center in respect to Kabbalah.

In fact, Mr. Yehuda Berg mediated the meeting with Madonna. I mean we`ve met with him being conducive. But this person is, as far as I see, a sympathetic person who looks at things positively, someone who genuinely wants people to be good. He is person who verily has a candid endeavor for the global prevalence of Islam. That is because he wants the way of Hazrat Mahdi. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is different, he is the prophet of both Christianity and Islam, he will return in the End Times. He will come back from the Sight of Allah. But the Messiah referred to in the Torah, the King Messiah is the Mahdi, the son of David. That is different. Now they have been saying in their own accounts that the Messiah that they`ve been waiting and the Mahdi that we are awaiting is the same person. And what`s more, they do not even refer to him as Messiah, they write about him directly as the Mahdi. They directly write `Mahdi` in their new writtings now. For instance, there is a letter that I`ve recieved, that is a letter from their center, the official letter of their institution; in that letter they talk about the Mahdi who will appear in the End Times and who will rule the whole world. They are explicitly saying; `Hazrat Mahdi`. They could have called him Shiloh or Moshiach if they liked, but they do not. They directly call him the Mahdi. They say that Christianity, Judaism and Islam will gather under the banner of the Mahdi...

Consequently, let it be Kabbalist, a Jew or whoever he is, if he is open in the way of benevolence, in the way of positivity, if he is sincere, if he is open to ideas and if he is a person who can easily be adressed and if he can reach large masses, that person is a beneficient person in respect to Islam. That is the reason why I look into things positively and that is why I`ve met Madonna. For instance, that is also the reason why I met Rabbi Yehuda Berg. I consider them to be positive...

I am a person who thinks freely. I mean I get in contact with people from all schools of thought. I mean, if we were to look into things from this repect, according to these bigots we should never be in contact with the Christians, nor with the Jews and nor with Kabbalists. We should not be in contact with Buddhists. Yet I meet with people from all thoughts. If they are positive and sympathetic, if they side with good morality, if they are humane, I would like to meet them. Consequently I do meet them and have talks. And I will continue to talk to them, we will meet again.

She [Madonna] will serve Islam just like the Queen of Sheba, Balqis. Insha`Allah. Those gifts that we have presented her will always remind her of Islam. That is because they carry the signature of the Ottoman sultans. They are goods that remind her of Islam, of the Ottomans. And they are full of Ottoman embroidery. The tray is fine handiwork on double layered copper. I mean it is a perfect work of art, a real Ottoman work of art. And it is gold plated. Also in the carpet, there was a hint referring to the End Times, there were signs depicting the End Times. I have explained some of them to her and I didn`t explain the others. She will see the others in time, insha`Allah.

And I have also presented her a small pitcher, again made with double layered copper and gold plated. And all of them were written with her name. I mean I have presented her gifts while they were all decorated with her name written in relief together, with the date and detailed information about where it was presented. Insha`Allah. The pitcher also refers to the Age of Aquarius. What do the accounts state? The Prophet Jesus says, "When you see the man carrying a water pitcher in his hand, follow him." That is the Mahdi. And since we are fully aware of their admiration towards the Mahdi, since we know about their being subjects to the Mahdi, we have presented her with a pitcher that represents the way of the Mahdi and the Age of Aquarius. Insha`Allah. Consequently they were important.

I have met with Rabbi Yehuda Berg many times. We talked for a long time, and I have presented him my books. His love and attachment to me is very nice. His trust is very nice. They believe that Istanbul will present a blessed person in the End Times. They even give a date, they say that the date is the year 2012. And they say, "We do see a light in you, a positivity, a wonderment in you." May Allah be pleased with them. I mean they have seen that through the eyes of faith. I mean they say, "That is how we see things." And we respect that. Insha`Allah, may Allah make us like that.

For instance, during my meeting there they have said, "Master, a positive electricity has spread all over Istanbul from here". They said to me, "This is through you, it was spread to all of Istanbul." They said, "It used to be 50 to 50 percent before, but with you being instrumental, we now feel this electricity." They said, "The positive electricity has become victorious". They have said, "A light, a relief has come upon Istanbul." They have all shown great respect. Both Madonna and the other people there, her own people, have all shown great respect, masha`Allah. 

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