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Published:June 23rd, 2012 11:36 EST

Outrage A Pregnant Snooki Tumbles: She Was Wearing Platform Sandals!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Nicole `Snooki` Polizzi announced her pregnancy in March, the pint-sized MTV star said, `I`m going to wear heels throughout. I`m 24, not 50!`

But while filming her hit show Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights, New Jersey on Thursday (June 21), the expectant mom took a tumble in her platform sandals. Luckily, she wasn`t seriously injured."


Celebrity Babyscoop

If Snooki weren`t pregnant and she stumbled on the street, I would be more concerned with any damage she may have done to the sidewalk than any injuries she may have suffered. The sidewalk serves a useful purpose, the reality star doesn`t have any socially redeeming values.

When Snooki stated "I`m 24, not 50" she must have been referring to her IQ, any woman with two brain cells she can rub together knows that you don`t wear platform shoes when you are pregnant.

Fortunately, the pregnant Snooki wasn`t hurt, unfortunately she has no plans to stop wearing high heels.

Shame on anyone who enables this moron by watching her reality show.

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