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Published:June 23rd, 2012 09:36 EST
What Makes Costa Rica The Happiest Place On Earth?

What Makes Costa Rica The Happiest Place On Earth?

By Don G. Halbert

Having just been voted the single-most happiest place to live on the planet, Costa Rica has grabbed the attention of many.

But the question burning up the Internet is, "why is Costa Rica ranked the happiest place on Earth?"

There are a number of reasons why so many expats prefer retiring in Costa Rica over other locations - we`ll talk about a few of them here.

But before we do let`s be perfectly clear here...Costa Rica is NOT only appealing to retirees but there is also an increasing number of Gen-X aka "Busters" choosing to relocate here also.

So what makes it so happy?

First off, the country is ideally located in Central America between  Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. It has an estimated population of just around 4.2 million and occupies approximately the size of West Virginia yet according to National Geographic, contains 5% of the world`s flora and fauna.

Not bad for such a tiny place now is it?

About 8 degrees off the equator, the country does experience extreme heat but more so worth mentioning is the humidity - it`s a spicy meatball that`s for sure.

It has been said the sufferers of arthritis experience substantial, and even total, pain free lifestyles in Costa Rica.

To the north is the province of Guanacaste and it is here that you will find one of only five extremely rare phenomena`s - along what is called the Gold Coast is a "Blue Zone". 

A Blue Zone is an area of the globe (only 5 in existence) that supports longer life expectancies exceeding 100 years.

The areas around Guanacaste are known to be far drier than the rest of the country.

Most tourism activity is centered here due to the migration of many top-quality hotels and resorts. Some of the country`s best beaches are here also like Playa Conchal and Playa Grande.

Considering the climate and micro-climates, throughout the country, this would have to be one of the considerations when wondering what makes it so pleasing to live in. The average yearly temperatures in the Central Valley are a comfortable 21-27C.

Anyone having visited Costa Rica will have likely noticed the rich reddish color of the soil - this makes a fantastic environment for growing fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, Costa Rican bananas and pineapples are some of the best in the world. Not to mention how delicious the Costa Rican coffee is.

Another contributor to longevity would certainly be the quality of the foods a person has access to - open air markets with organic vegetables and fruits are commonplace here along with the old school butcher shops, bakeries and fish markets.  

Typical to most North American countries is the whole fast-food genre which is in fact the biggest contributor to diabetes and heart conditions in the USA, is a minority presence in Costa Rica. Sure you can find McDonalds and the likes however you won`t find one on every corner.

In contrast to the US, you might find a total of 4-5 McDonalds in the entire country!

Costa Rican residents eat healthier and also live in a climate that promotes and encourages, outdoor behavior which hand in hand, contributes to a healthier happier lifestyle.

One final note on the subject has to be the cost of living in Costa Rica...

For the most part one can eat well and probably find a suitable climate in North America somewhere however what you won`t find is the highly affordable cost of living Costa Rica offers.

A lower cost of living frees up more money to spend on higher quality foods and even recreational activities that promote exercise like water sports or attending a gym.

In comparison to North America, one can living a higher quality of life - a healthier one - while spending less money. 

This is what makes Costa Rica such a happy place to live.


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