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Published:June 24th, 2012 17:34 EST

Chase Von and The Lovely Kimberlee Morton, Rape Victim and Attempted Murder Survivor!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)



            Kimberlee Morton

Chase Von: Hey Kimberlee and we were working on this interview a while ago but something came up and we`ll get to that "Something" a little later but first and foremost, thanks for finding the time to share yourself and your remarkable spirit with our readers here at the SOP!


Kimberlee Morton:  You`re so welcome, it`s my pleasure!


Chase Von: I`m coming at this interview from scratch although we`d almost completed the first one before you had to deal with something I believe shocked even you--- Certainly shocked me.

So I`m going to have to ask you again--- Where did you grow up? Did you have a happy childhood? And I also know you`re an aspiring model. Was that a childhood dream? And what went through your mind with that being a dream of yours when you first saw yourself after the attack?


Kimberlee Morton:  I grew up in Memphis TN. I would say my childhood was okay, it could have been better but hey, as a child I always dreamed of becoming a swimsuit model, because I love taking pictures. After my attack my first reaction was omg I can`t be a model--- My dreams are over.


Chase Von: Thanks for sharing that Kimberlee and I remembering watching a video where a family member I believe was saying how they had to cover anything that could cast a reflection when you were recovering--- To include door knobs. To look at you now, it`s hard to believe that you went through what you did but emotionally, I can`t think of a stronger soul to deal with what you have!


Might seem like I`m straying a bit off base here, but a friend of mine Jessica Gilbert, recently shared some videos with me of Nick Vujicic.  I`d seen him before and he`s an incredible soul, inspirational speaker and has a great singing voice as well that was born with no arms or legs and has one of the most inspiring spirits you could ever come across.


One of his sayings is No arms, No legs, No worries... But the reason I bring him up is in one of his video`s, he says and I`m paraphrasing here, so not verbatim, but that when he was only ten years old, he tried to commit suicide because he had lost all hope so he tried to drown himself--- But he found he couldn`t do it, because he felt God had a plan for his life, to give hope, to other people.


Nick Vujicic - "Something More" Music Video


In the event video doesn`t work, click on the link below.



So Kimberlee, I have to be honest with you here, I`ve meet numerous people in my life and I would need more than two hands to count all those that have also dealt with sexual abuse in some way shape or form and only you who have had to deal with someone trying to kill you on top of that! Although I also know that is how many of the people that do these horrendous things get the victims to be silent, I.e. through threats of death and not only to the victim, but to the loved one`s of the victim. Another friend, Lesley Chase Barton is also very outspoken on this as a survivor but aside from her and yourself, I can`t think of anyone at the moment beside you two.


Lesley Chase Barton Interview with Judyth Piazza


So my question is, since you are bringing so much attention to this issue do you think perhaps God himself allowed you to survive to do so? And also, because I tend to think outside the box on occasions, don`t you think in addition to suicide hot lines there should also be places where people can call and get IMMEDIATE intervention and protection?

I`m not in any way trying to down play the horror of rape mind you, but I also think if someone is raped and then told they will be killed, if they tell anyone or their loved ones will be killed etc can the law really protect them? Because I believe the reason so many suffer in silence is they themselves don`t believe that the law can actually protect them from further abuse. What could be set up to change that in your opinion?


Kimberlee Morton:  Wow!  Nick is truly amazing!  And--- I don`t understand this question really but what I think you are saying is that more needs to be done so that those that suffer in silence have a life line that they can reach out to!  If that is it Chase then I say very yes! 


How many would think twice before committing this heinous act if they knew that a phone call away was the end of it?  Unfortunately, the way things are now, it`s a bureaucratic  system that often favors the criminals--- Yes, that does need to be changed and the sooner the better!

Chase Von:  I was really shocked when I heard the one that attacked you, raped you and tried to kill you was getting time off for good behavior and I can`t imagine what went through your mind Kimberlee, but it seems with all the advancements mankind is making, the world is getting more insane with each and every passing day.


I know you`ve started a petition to change that and you succeed in that state! Can you share more information on that if it`s still available so our readers can find more because I know now you are also hoping other states will follow suit and or perhaps, others that would like the same to happen would know how you went about it?

Kimberlee Morton Getting Signatures 4 her Petition


In the event video doesn`t work, click on the link below.


Kimberlee Morton:  Umm no, I don`t have the petition any longer but I was successful in that state.  (Thank God).  But they can do the same thing I did, confront power and not hide in the shadows!

Chase Von: Prior to our first interview getting interrupted, I know you were working on a movie script of your experience. Is Halle Berry still your first choice to play yourself? And although you perhaps have more than enough reasons not to, have you considered playing it yourself? You`re up in the same league she is in the look department. (Smile).


Kimberlee Morton:  When people hear my story the first thing they say is your story is like a "Lifetime Movie." We want to see your story on "Lifetime."  So I began writing the script.


Lifetime has a lot of inspirational stories and I feel my story is just as good as anyone else`s.


And my pick would be Thandie Newtown.  She is an amazing actress and I believe she could bring "Justice" to what happened to me!

Chase Von: As a Veteran Kimberlee and I believe I speak for the majority of us, I`m at times, overly protective. I tell my kids not to pick up strange toys etc and silly as that might sound to most, you just don`t know.  I won`t go into too much detail but what happens with a lot of Vets is they become hyper vigilant.   You see trash on the side of the road and it`s no big deal--- Ask a Vet how they feel about it--- But this is hard because this person was a trusted friend of yours so it`s difficult to ask this but I feel I must.

In hindsight, is there anything you can tell our readers that might help prevent them from becoming a victim? And friend or not, is there a different mindset you now have when it comes to being alone with people or a backup plan in case things don`t go as they should?

I know I tell my wife if there`s a flyer in the windshield after she`s gotten in, leave it there till you get home. And sadly, as the economy which seems to be getting worse and then some--- more and more people will be desperate.


I don`t think people should live in a constant state of fear mind you but I think everyone should have a big dog at a minimum, just in case. But I also know not everyone lives in a position where they can have one so what are some preventive steps you can think of?

Kimberlee Morton:  You have to be very careful of the company you keep. Don`t be so eager to trust people. Take your time and get to know them first!

Chase Von: I have to address this as well Kimberlee, a lot of people that have had bad things of this magnitude happen to them basically roll over and quit. You however went on to College and got your degree, and are writing a movie script, still pursuing modeling and--- Have changed and are attempting to change more actual laws in this country! What is on your plate of things to do in the near future?

Kimberlee Morton:  No longer modeling but my dream is to get this Law passed in all 50 States. I would love to see victims all over the world take back their life and become victorious!

Chase Von: This is not an easy subject to address and I know you are still in the thick of it as of now, but changing gears to a lighter topic, how is New York and are you happier there?

Kimberlee Morton:  OMG I`m so in Love with NY! Being in NY makes me happy! This is where my "Joy" is at!

Chase Von: There are some great people I know in New York, Rudy Gaskins and "The Voice" Joan Baker, remarkable people I`ll have to introduce you to. Now on another subject, are you getting into modeling in the Big Apple?


Kimberlee Morton:  Ha! No! I`m wayyy too old to be modeling. Those days are over!

Chase Von: I`ve seen you Kimberlee and--- I beg to differ... (Smile).  But changing gears, I always ask this--- What are some of your favorite meals Kimberlee?

And how do you continue to look so well--- fine? (Smile). You definitely have curves in all the right places and I`m married, not visually impaired as I say perhaps too often.  But you`re looking good and I imagine in that department you have a few eating and exercise habits you maintain that our readers might wish to know.

Kimberlee Morton:  Well thank you! Although I live in NY I`m still a Southern girl, so I love southern food like Collard greens and Corn bread, and oh a 7 up cake!  (Smile).

Chase Von: Love me some country cooking... (Smile).  What would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Kimberlee Morton:  I would say never give up on your dreams. You can do and be whatever you want as long as you have faith in God, anything is possible.


Chase Von: How important is family to you and with what you have been through and are currently going through, do you have what I would call and extended family in New York now that has your back? Also, what is your take on the state of our current world?

Kimberlee Morton:  Family is very important to me and no I don`t have any family in NY as of yet, but hopefully one day! And as to the state of the world? Doesn`t look very good but there are still very good people in it.


Chase Von: Who are some of the people in life that you truly admire and look up to? And just to put it in print, I have little doubt there are a LOT of people that admire and look up to you lady! I see you in the same league as a Rosa Parks myself.

Kimberlee Morton:  (Lol). Everybody is comparing me to Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth!  How amazing is that, but I have quite a few people that I admire--- Oprah, Halle Berry and of course Jada Pinkett Smith, she`s my inspiration.

Chase Von: Do you have any other projects your working besides changing the laws of the land you can give the readers here a heads up about?

Kimberlee Morton:  Yes, my Autobiography which I have been working on for eight years now.  I`m so ready to get it published!

Chase Von: Well Kimberlee, this is an interview and for a multitude of reasons it`s not an easy interview for me. It hurts me that this had to happen to you at all but I`m also inspired by your courage to not only face it head on, but to bring so much awareness to something that has to be addressed.

We`ve been in contact for a bit off and on even when you were too busy to do an interview and I admire your attitude more than words can express.  I definitely know there is a book inside you as well as a movie script.  From what I have seen, people usually write books, then those end up being movies but the books are generally better. (Smile).

Kimberlee Morton:  Yes it is. I can`t wait for people to read my Autobiography they will definitely be inspired to live out their dreams, and to stand up for what they believe in.

Chase Von: Going to bring this to a close for now Kimberlee, but do KIT.  And I`m sure I`m not alone in believing you are not only a survivor, but a warrior and light that is going to shine more rays on this overall all subject to encourage other victims to break free.  So wishing you continued success, peace and God`s blessings--- I have no doubt; your own inner strength is empowering so many others and I look forward to your audio interview with Judyth Piazza!


Kimberlee Morton


   Kimberlee Morton: Awww, how sweet and thank you very much for this opportunity! And I`m crazy busy but if I can be of any assistance to others they can reach me through FB...

           My link and thanks to the SOP and you Chase again!!/KimberleeNewYork


Kimberlee Morton Fight 4 Justice-this video is messed up sorry!

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The Maury Show Kimberlee`s Story

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Kimberlee Morton

   History Maker: Brutally Raped Survivor Get`s A New Law Passed To Keep Violent Rapists In Prison

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