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Published:June 25th, 2012 12:42 EST

Outrage: Poor Woman Furious Over Sitting Next To Dead Person On Long Flight

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swedish woman says she had to fly overnight from Europe to Tanzania next to a man who died after the plane had departed.

Lena Pettersson, a reporter for Sveriges Radio, said the man was having convulsions before the Kenya Airways flight departed from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The plane took off anyway.


He died several hours later while the plane was in the air."


The poor passenger sought compensation, and all she got from the airline was a measly $713.

I would rather seat next to a dead person on a plane, they are more considerate and a hell of a lot less annoying than someone who is alive.

The dead aren`t going to bother you three times an hour to use the bathroom, and spill their coffee and peanuts all over you. I`d be OK with the pilot being dead as well, I don`t need a moron  telling me that if I look to my right I can see the Grand Canyon. You`d have to be a dead or a zombie not to see the damn thing. The flight attendants might as well also be dead, they never respond when I call for them.

One of my faithful readers recently complained that I`m never positive, so let me end on a positive note: I would want one person on the plane to be alive, the co-pilot so he can land the airplane.

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