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Published:June 25th, 2012 09:54 EST

Take Your Dog To Work Day: The Greatest Day Of The Year

By Robert Paul Reyes

Last Friday was "Take Your Dog to Work Day", an event that started in 1999 as a way of promoting adoptions by publicly displaying the loving bond between mutts and their proud owners. Of course this idea works best when your dog doesn`t take a dump inside your co-worker`s cubicle.


Having pooches in the office lightens the atmosphere; it`s almost impossible to pass a doggie without patting him on the head. I`ve never had the desire to pat any on my co-workers on the head, or even give them a pat on the back. But there`s more than one that I would love to kick in the rear end.

If a boss announced that next Friday would be "Take Your Spouse to Work Day", there would be a chorus of groans and moans. Who the hell would want to bring his wife to work? It`s bad enough that a dude has to be with his wife at home, to spend an entire day at work with her as well would be cruel and unusual punishment.

I would be proud to bring my dog to work, she exhibits the fine qualities of her master: Loyalty, intelligence and a sense of mischief.

I hope that my readers will consider adopting a pooch, your life will be enriched beyond belief.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org