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Published:June 26th, 2012 13:51 EST

Justin Bieber's NBC Special And Album "Believe" Big Duds

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Justin Bieber`s `Believe` will be the highest first week sales of the year so far when it`s all counted. But it will also be at least 50,000 copies fewer than originally predicted. Right now, `Believe` is looking like it sold 370,000 copies-or less. This is way off the 420,00 copies hoped for."


ShowBiz 411

Justin Bieber`s two-night NBC special "Justin Bieber All Around the World" bombed in the ratings, it did zilch to inspire Bieber`s fans to purchase his album.

The premiere of of "Snookie and JWoww" tanked in the ratings, and Bieber`s new album isn`t selling very well, maybe the Zombie Apocalypse isn`t as near as we imagined.

Amazon is selling the digital version of "Believe" for only $4.99, but tweens would rather buy makeup and beer than waste any money on a Bieber album.

I do believe that Bieber`s bubblegum pop has run out of taste.

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