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Published:June 28th, 2012 10:53 EST

Poll: Obama Better Suited Than Romney To Handle Invaders From Outer Space

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s the economy stupid, and most polls show that voters think Mitt Romney would do a better job than Obama in fixing the economy.

But according to a National Geographic Channel poll 65 percent of Americans think Barack Obama would be better suited than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion.


That same poll reveals that about 80 million people believe UFO`s exist -- Obama would be well-advised to exploit the results of this poll.

Everything is fair in war, love and politics! The Obama campaign should release a commercial depicting Mitt Romney soiling his Mormon magic underwear, as he runs in terror from a 3-foot green alien who has just landed in the Rose Garden. The tagline: Who do you trust not to cry like a schoolgirl when a UFO lands in the White House Rose Garden at 3 o`clock in the morning?

Anyway who better to deal with aliens than illegal alien Obama? Just kidding, we all know Obama wasn`t born in Kenya or Indonesia.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org