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Published:June 30th, 2012 11:15 EST
Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Talk on A9 TV Regarding Events in Syria

Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Talk on A9 TV Regarding Events in Syria

By SOP newswire2

Mr. Adnan Oktar`s Message to Russian President Putin regarding Syria

Events in Syria. Godless horrible guys with no Book or faith. They are making Muslims wretched there. They are perpetrating all kinds of sadism there. They have raped thousands of young girls. Muslims are being killed, but the culprits are never found. They are literally killing and martyring them. And Russia goes and supports them. Russia is acting disgracefully. Russia needs to be warned. Establish bases if you wish, but why support the immoral? People have sympathy for Russia.

Russia is generally regarded as friendly to Muslims. Putin, too. My request of Putin is that he should not support these curs; he should not support these immoral people. Russia is in any case a country we will embrace once we have Islamic Unity. There is no need for bases; everywhere will be a base for it. It will live as it wishes everywhere. The Russians are very dear to us. They must not support these rogues, these sadists for reasons of military self-interest. That would put Russia in the wrong. It will humiliate it in the sight of all Muslims. The Russians will become unloved, instead of loved. They should beware of that! What is wanted is easy, humane and reasonable.

We say, the current regime [in Syria] is a dictatorship. They rule by dictatorial methods. There is no democracy. There must be legitimate elections, let even the smallest party assume power. Let there be a coalition government. Let a peace force be set up, under Turkish leadership, under the leadership of Muslim countries and let Turkey and Syria combine together. Let Syria attach itself to Turkey and befriends. Let us open up our borders. Let us develop our trade and contacts. Let there be a fine climate of faith and the Qur`an. The Day of Reckoning is in any case close at hand. Little time remains... The time has come for everyone to be friends and brothers. Now. Russia must give no more support to these filthy guys. Two Russian helicopters should go and get him [Assad].

We need to urge Putin to act as an intermediary. Putin can sort this matter out. Insha`Allah. [They have such concerns as] How about Russian security? " Are we going to be able to march into the Mediterranean? " You can have the whole Mediterranean. It is all empty. We will not be uneasy at a Russian presence in the Mediterranean; it will make us happy. Let them build homes and facilities as they like. The whole area is empty. They can make the best use of it. Let them come, they are our brothers. That is no problem. Nobody wants a war. But if they carry on killing and slaughtering people, may Allah forbid, people will have to defend themselves. They will have a right to defend themselves. And then the innocent may also be harmed alongside the culprits. That is why it would be useful for Putin to get involved. The Russian administration and government must act fast. What is needed is very easy.

Very simple, it`s not complicated at all. There`s nothing difficult for them. It would be really in Russia`s favor. Commerce with Turkey can be opened up to the full. They will have military security. We will not allow a hair on Russia`s head to be harmed. In other words, no one can do anything against Russia. The Russians are immaculate and radiant. Nobody can oppress them. They have no need to sit and worry about protecting themselves. There is no need for bases or anything. They are just wasting money on that. Let them come to the region and settle as they wish. They can do business and build tourist facilities, or hospitals or schools. Isn`t that right? Who could object? Nobody. Insha`Allah. They are free to do so... 

There is something rather spoiled about Syria, but Russia is also spoiling it somewhat. We need to talk to Russia and tell them that Russia`s prestige will totally vanish if it keeps encouraging Syria. Because that would mean that Russia had backed the slaughter, the slaughter of Muslims. It would have supported oppression and ruthlessness and treachery. And it will never get rid of that stain. So it is Russia one needs to address oneself to. We cannot take Syria seriously as a state... Putin is highly intelligent and alert. He has a good conscience and a good attitude toward Muslims. He must have calculated all this. But let me say that all the killing will be laid at Russia`s door. That guy [Asad] has lost his mind from terror. His brother is the dame, a horrible mafia type.

A crazy with no faith or religion. They have martyred our brothers there. The kind of crazy who films it all so he can watch it later at home. They need to warn Russia off since it is Russia that spoiled them in the first place. The people there are guiltless of any crime, immaculate Muslims. We love Syria, and that is why I say we must have Islamic Unity and unite together. A change of government is perfectly acceptable.