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Published:July 4th, 2012 08:59 EST
New Christian Curriculum for Curbing Child Sex Abuse

New Christian Curriculum for Curbing Child Sex Abuse

By SOP newswire

Elder Raymond S. King Jr., co-founder of Securing Hope Ministry, has created a very unique and much needed children`s curriculum, to help break the cycle of CSM (childhood sexual molestation). This curriculum is designed to empower parents, pastors, and ministry leaders to teach children between the ages of 4-9, how to 1) recognize, 2) avoid, and 3) report attempted and/or actual sexual molestation. Since most children between the ages of 4-9 don`t know what sexual molestation is, it`s imperative to end this generational ignorance to protect our children. 

The epidemic of CSM is one of the most ignored yet devastating childhood traumas a child can experience. Since there are over 39 million survivors of CSM in America, and since 80% of the children who are sexually molested remain silent, with a very small percentage ever disclosing this devastating experience, most not until they are adults, it is imperative to begin to be proactive instead of being reactive to this dilemma. 

With the recent public accounts of Bishop Eddie Long, `accused`, and coach Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky, `convicted`, of sexually abusing children, it`s evident that very prominent people of authority, `in and outside` of the `Church`, are counted among those who have and are destroying the lives of the innocent. But these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. What has been discovered in these two cases is actually a repetitive generational evil that is happening all over the nation, every hour of everyday. This reality can no longer be ignored or dismissed, because many survivors of CSM themselves become molesters, as a matter of fact, up to 85% of those who molest children were themselves molested. In addition only 1 of 10 child molesters are registered and up to 90% of these molesters are people who the child knows and in most cases trust. 

The `Bee Wise Critical Life Skills Curriculum` is a powerful, biblically based tool for those who want to empower their child with the knowledge to recognize, avoid, and equally important, report attempted and/or actual molestation. Created for children starting at age 4, it is designed to be a proactive measure to help prevent children from becoming victims of the generational curse of CSM. 

The curriculum will empower each child to: *develop "God centered" self-worth, *appreciate and understand their divine gender assignment, *start exercising proper character building habits, *know the difference between a "Good Touch" and a "Bad Touch", *know the difference between "Public Body Parts" and "Private Body Parts", and last but not least, *know what to do if an inappropriate touch is attempted or molestation is experienced.