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Published:July 5th, 2012 11:01 EST
Video Reveals Israeli Guards` Abuse of Palestinian Child

Video Reveals Israeli Guards` Abuse of Palestinian Child

By Ernest Dempsey

Uniformed and slinging guns, Israeli border police has been caught on video hurting a Palestinian child. The story reported on Digital Journal along with the video gives a glimpse of the inhuman behavior of these Israeli security men who treat an innocent child as a target of hatred.

The child shown in the video is grabbed and apparently threatened angrily by a guard before another guard approaches and kicks the boy hard "according to the report in his stomach. The child runs back crying and scared.

Seeing this video obviously evokes disgust and anger at such cowardly act that does not befit adults. The Israeli Border Police is said to have condemned the incident and promised an investigation. But this sounds clearly a tactic to save their face as the video revealed the inhumanity in conduct of their personnel. Who know how many such incidents go unnoticed and unreported.

Hopefully, with the clear evidence available on video, the responsible person(s) will be punished for harassing and hurting the child.