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Published:July 7th, 2012 13:03 EST
Florida Doctor Offers Groundbreaking Therapy for Staying Young

Florida Doctor Offers Groundbreaking Therapy for Staying Young

By SOP newswire

The fountain of youth, or the closest thing to it, has finally been found! It`s called Telomere Therapy. 

"If you`re interested in being healthy and living longer it`s a good idea to start working on lengthening your telomeres," says Dirk Parvus, MD founder of the Parvus Center. Telomeres are essentially the ends of chromosomes and Telomere shortening occurs as you age, at a rate influenced by your lifestyle and exposure to toxins, however some exciting new research suggests that slowing this shortening is the key to extending your lifespan.

"Extending your telomeres is one of the most promising strategies recommended by some of the leading anti-aging biologists and experts in the world," says Dr. Parvus. "It is, without question, one of the most exciting methods that holds great promise to actually REVERSE aging."

A telomere is the protective cap at the end of a chromosome, the thread-like structure that carries the genetic material of our cells...similar to the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces that keep them from fraying. Telomeres keep our chromosomes intact, healthy and functioning, allowing them to reproduce cells, which is the key to healthy aging, if not life itself. Telomeres may provide the single most important biomarker of aging.

The length of a telomere is what`s crucial. The longer it is, the healthier you are. The older you get, the shorter your telomeres generally become. Other factors which can shorten the telomeres include stress, smoking, drinking, being overweight, and not exercising, among other stressors. Recent research shows an association between shortened telomere length and age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, the stiffening and narrowing of arteries which is a precursor to heart disease and stroke. Therapies are being developed to maintain and even increase telomere length as we age. Biotech companies are working on compounds that would activate the enzyme telomerase, building telomeres back up when they get worn down. In fact, we have some of these therapies at the Parvus Center.

How to Slow Down the Shortening of Your Telomeres?


Being able to reduce telomere shortening, essentially stopping the cellular aging process that eventually kills you, is one of the most promising anti-aging strategies we know of to date. Much of the research surrounding telomeres is focused on turning on a gene that produces an enzyme called telomerase which Dr. Parvus recommends to all his patients.

Cells that contain telomerase (your reproductive cells) do not undergo the same telomere shortening process that other cells do. Researchers are now screening different chemicals for their ability to turn on the telomerase gene and eventually develop the first true anti-aging drug.

Doctors are also discovering that the enzymes telomerase can be activated to stop the shortening of the telomeres as we age. Through our longevity program at the Parvus Center, we can actually lengthen your telomeres allowing cells to increase, lengthening life. This Telomerase Activator is available to you through our office.