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Published:July 8th, 2012 12:09 EST

Lucky The Kitten Dumped In Recycling Bin, Almost Crushed To Death By Recycling Truck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A kitten rescued from the back of a recycling truck in England as it was about to be crushed has been given a new name -- Lucky."


There is no way that a three-year-old kitten could have got into a recycling bin by accident. If the authorities ever discover who dumped this kitten into the bin, the monster should be locked up in a cell with a huge brute who is ironically named "Kitty."


A responsible pet owner will spay or neuter his cats and dogs, but if you failed to do your duty and your cat has kittens that you are unwilling or unable to take care of, for God`s sake don`t dump them or let them loose in the streets, take them to an animal shelter.

The little furball has been adopted by the company that picks up the recycled materials, and she has become the staff pet. Lucky is now being taken care of by a dozen people who love her to death.

There are millions of cute cats and precious puppies who need a loving home, visit your local animal shelter and take one home with you.

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