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Published:July 9th, 2012 18:54 EST

Dude Wants To Build Zombie Theme Park In Detroit! Perfect Setting For The Undead

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Michigan man said he is trying to raise $145,000 to build a zombie apocalypse theme park in Detroit.

Marc Siwak, 40, said he is looking to buy or lease abandoned property to host Z World Detroit, a theme park that would be primarily comprised of a paintball-like game where players try to `kill` hoards of actors portraying the undead before they are bitten and join the zombie swarms, the Detroit Free Press reported Monday.


Siwak said he hopes his plan will help revitalize the struggling city."


This is a fantastic idea; Siwak doesn`t have to spend any money building a post-apocalyptic setting where zombies can wreak havoc. Detroit is a failed city, and its many neighborhoods with burned and abandoned businesses and residences make a perfect backdrop for a zombie theme park.

In fact, Siwak doesn`t have to hire people to dress as zombies, the winos, crack heads and thugs who live in the ruined city make excellent zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is already here in Detroit, might as well make a buck from the undead. But Sikwak should drop any pretense of trying to revitalize Detroit; the metropolis is as dead as the undead.

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