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Published:July 9th, 2012 11:58 EST
in time


By Sean Stubblefield

MY RATING: * *  1/2   (out of  * * * *)

in time1

BRIEF SYNOPSIS (spoiler free): In this dystopian future, time is literally money-- the new currency, and physical aging stops at age 25. A poor, working class man, falsely accused of murder, sets out bring down the corrupt economic system by robbing the rich and giving to the poor.


PROS: Justin Timberlake makes any movie better. He`s a much better actor than a song and dance performer-- a much better actor than I think he is usually given credit for.

Could easily have been a B movie. But most of the cast helps elevate the plot to something greater than its premise would imply. This movie pursues bold and innovative aspirations of a sci-fi concept with something to say, and I commend it for the effort-- even if its reach exceeds its grasp in most cases.   Although flawed, this is actually a much better movie than I expected.

Very thoughtful and thought provoking social commentary on our monetary economy and the nature of time and immortality, as well as perceptions of youth and aging. One of my favorite aspects is the numerous clever turns of phrase regarding our expressions of time. Such as the way we "spend time". What could have been reduced to cheesy or ridiculous quips incorporating the concept of time, is actually quite enlightening, and intelligently done.

A phrase like "Don`t waste my time" becomes meaningful and relevent, rather than farcical hokum or throw away line.

Ultimately, and simply, this is a good re-interpretation of the Robin Hood story.


CONS: The dubious use of time as money undermines the story for me. Its theme is `Time is money`; however, no exact correlation is made between the two. Therefore, several story points defy the logic of its premise.

For example, how do people under age 25 get and spend time...  if their timer is not activated until they turn 25?

This, more than a somewhat formulaic script, is what really diminishes the movie.

RECOMMENDATION: Not a Must See, but it is definitely not a waste of time.For the interesting ideas, entertaining narrative and the casting, In Time is worth seeing at least once. I was surprised how well most of it holds up to a second viewing.
The story works best if not taken too literally, and accepted as rough parable.