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Published:July 10th, 2012 09:19 EST
CineXPlayer Announces Interactive Multiscreen Features on iPad

CineXPlayer Announces Interactive Multiscreen Features on iPad

By SOP newswire

NXP Software, leading creators of software solutions for voice, audio and video, is proud to announce the latest update to its popular mobile multimedia tool, CineXPlayer for iPad. The app now integrates (The Internet Movie Database) with automatic lookup, allowing users to discover any and all information relating to the movie they are viewing with just a single touch.

CineXPlayer is a unique app that enables users to view, store, and manage their multimedia software directly on their mobile devices with no conversion necessary; and, as the only iOS app that is Dolby Mobile enabled, CineXPlayer gives users superior surround sound, delivering a rich audio experience from any mobile device.

With the latest integration of, users of all types, from film buffs to casual viewers, can find information about the film they are watching by automatically displaying data from in the app by tapping a button. If users prefer to read outside of
 CineXPlayer, the new multiscreen support lets them simultaneously surf the Internet while watching a film. To further enhance the user experience, this most recent version of CineXPlayer also includes a new movie share function that allows users to send videos to one another, as well as a remote control feature that lets users browse and control their personal CineXPlayer library from another device, including any type of phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

"NXP Software is thrilled with the latest updates to
 CineXPlayer," said Jeremy Davies, Product Manager of Applications at NXP Software. "The integration of has made this highly successful app into a product that enables a fully immersive augmented movie experience for the user. Anyone using CineXPlayer now has the option of displaying valuable information in the movie they are watching without the annoyance of stopping the film and traveling to a separate website. We`re sure that our loyal users will be more then excited to try out this wonderful new feature and we eagerly await their input!"

What`s New in this Update:

- IMDb Integration: Automatically displays information from in the app with a single touch
 Multiscreen Support: Browse the web and watch a movie simultaneously just by rotating the iPad from landscape to portrait viewing
 Movie Share: Share movies to friends from a personal video library
 Remote Controller: Browse and control the library from a phone (of any kind), laptop, desktop, or tablet

CineXPlayer for the iPad is available for download on the iTunes App Store for $3.99 at: 

CineXPlayer for the iPhone and iPod Touch, whose update will be available shortly, is available for download on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 at: 

CineXPlayer for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is available for download on the Amazon App Store for $2.99 at:  

CineXPlayer Trailer: 

About CineXPlayer

CineXPlayer is the leading app for viewing, storing, and managing digital film libraries on mobile devices and is the only iOS app that is Dolby Mobile enhanced. The app allows users to save and watch full videos and films without an internet connection and runs files in almost any format without any conversion, including subtitled (.srt), xvid, and .avi files. CineXPlayer also supports HD playback, and includes a highly functional file management interface with an easy "delete, rename, folders & playlists" tool.