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Published:July 12th, 2012 09:15 EST

Foster - me

By Ed Roberts

Foster - me


Everything I own

My clothes

My shoes

My favorite hat

A locket that once belonged to my mother

It seems like forever ago

Since she gave it to me


All my stuff

Sitting here on top of this table

Neatly folded

And secured

Inside this small case

A mobile home

If you will


I`ve had two families

In the last eight months


Believe me

I do understand


I`m not what you expected

Not the child of your dreams


I know things change


With the first family

He lost his job the second week I was there

I saw the pain in their eyes

When they said I would have to leave

I hope they know

It hurt me just as much


With the last family

She finally got pregnant

And will be having a child of her own

There just wasn`t room

For two


I`m fifteen now

I know

Soon they will let " me live on my own

Like so many others

I`ll outgrow the system


I haven`t stopped hoping though


If you will

That maybe tomorrow will be different


I will wake up

In my own room

In my own bed

With my own family

And all these last ten years

Will seem like nothing but a bad dream


I`ve been told

Everything and everyone has a purpose

And a place

One of these days

I am certain

I will find mine

Or make my own


Ed Roberts 7/6/12



There are so many children

Living these words

In a world they never asked for



Others will read them

And find a place

In their hearts

And their lives

For them