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Published:July 13th, 2012 11:31 EST

Is It Free Speech To Flip Cops The Bird?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Robert Bell of New Jersey is ready to carry the torch for freedom lovers everywhere. After leaving the Slaughtered Lamb Pub on West 4th Street one night last August, the 26-year-old financial services recruiter raised his middle finger for `one to two seconds` to a group cops who had just passed him, only another cop a few paces behind spotted Bell`s bird and arrested him, DNA Info reports. They charged Bell with disorderly conduct for making an `obscene gesture` and causing public alarm and annoyance."



When Robert Bell, who wants to be a lawyer, was asked why he flipped the cops off he replied succinctly: I don`t like cops.

I commend Bell for giving a straightforward answer without reverting to legalese, but I find fault with him for not having the guts to raise the middle finger to the cops to their faces.

I would never hire a gutless coward to be my attorney. I`m not surprised that Bell is a patron of the "Slaughtered Lamb Pub"; he`s meek as a lamb.

Bell argues in his federal court lawsuit that he was using "obviously protected form of speech" under the First Amendment.

It isn`t the brightest idea in the world to flip off cops, but Bell`s argument is constitutionally sound.

My heart wants this coward to lose his lawsuit, but my head tells me he has the law on his side.

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