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Published:July 14th, 2012 09:14 EST
Brandon Lavergne and the Mickey Shunick Murder Case

Brandon Lavergne and the Mickey Shunick Murder Case

By SOP newswire

Dear Editor,

Here are my two cents on the Mickey Shunick case:

The way investigators were able to put Brandon Lavergne at the abduction point & Whiskey Bay is because his vehicle has On Star. Once they found the burned out truck, they had a name & were able to track his movements. Even if he didn`t have the service, his auto is equipped with a GPS tracking device. The timeframe between June 14 & the arrest date give investigators enough time to put it together. They were waiting for him to get in from offshore & intercepted him before he could go home. The traffic stop was not coincidence. It was a carefully planned tactic to get him to the station for questioning in the Shunick case. They had the search warrant ready to go for as soon as he was in custody.

The reason he purchased the same truck is so people on the outside would not know his truck was burned. They would think nothing had changed & if investigators came to talk/search his truck no evidence would be found.

Brandon Lavergne was treated @ an ER 100+ miles away 2 days after Mickey went missing. It is believed she fought him with a make shift weapon. It is also believed something was found @ Whiskey Bay to indicate the coed was not alive (a body part perhaps). That area and the entire basin are infested with alligators. He could have stopped anywhere along the way, put up his hood, and waited for no cars to be coming.

I`m very sad for the Shunick family & the way this young woman lost her life. I hope other young people learn from this experience. She took a great risk traveling by herself at that time of night & the route she travelled was very isolated.

~ Peggy