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Published:July 14th, 2012 11:43 EST

Lindsay Lohan Needs Another Excuse! Porsche Brakes Didn't Fail

By Robert Paul Reyes

"First she blamed the driver, then it was the brakes - but now new tests allege that Lindsay Lohan`s claim her Porsche was not working properly on the day of her truck smash are untrue.


The actress told pals she `slammed on the brakes` after being `cut up by a truck` on the Pacific Coast Highway but that `nothing happened`."

Daily Mail

Every time the pop tart gets into trouble, she blames everybody and everything but herself. At first the troubled actress blamed the little guy: The truck driver. LiLo figures that a superstar shouldn`t have to deal with the consequences of her mistakes, and why shouldn`t a blue-collar worker take the blame for her June 9, accident.?

When that excuse didn`t fly, because eyewitnesses placed the blame for the accident on the D-list actress, she said that the brakes on the Porsche failed. Porsches are very expensive and very well-engineered vehicles, and as everyone suspected the brakes did not fail.

Lohan isn`t very responsible when it comes to her personal behavior, it should come as no surprise that she`s not a very good driver.

To her credit Lohan hasn`t got behind the wheel since her latest accident, let`s hope she hires a full-time chauffeur.

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