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Published:July 16th, 2012 17:24 EST

Are Homeowner's Associations Communist Or Satanic?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Denver woman said her homeowner`s association is fining her $200 for having brown spots on her yard amid drought conditions.

Lori Worthman said she has been trying to get her grass to grow, but her attempts have been unsuccessful and the city has declared a Stage 1 drought and imposed watering restrictions."



I`m certain that there`s a homeowner`s association in every zone in hell: A homeowner`s association devil will fine you or gouge your eyes out if you don`t keep your home appropriately hot.

The only way to keep your grass green during a drought is to paint it green, but I`m sure there`s a fine for resorting to such desperate measures.

I would never move into a neighborhood that`s controlled by a homeowner`s association, might as well move into a Stepford community.

I painted my little house pink, and there are pink flamingoes running amuck in my front yard, a homeowner`s association would fine me a million bucks for such transgressions. If somebody doesn`t like the couple of brown spots in my lawn, they are welcome to reseed my lawn.

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