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Published:July 16th, 2012 16:53 EST

Stop The Insanity! Dude Paints Grass To Keep It Green!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Indiana man said his lawn has stayed lush and green during the current dry weather due to his secret weapon: paint.

Timothy Birdwell of Indianapolis, an employee of Imperial Painting, said he and a friend came up with the idea to paint the grass when they were confronted with dry weather and a watering ban."



Timothy is killing two birds with one stone: Kissing up to his employer and keeping his lawn green in the midst of a drought.

I spend a lot of time keeping my grass looking good, and Tim`s bright idea smacks of cheating. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, and what are you going to do when there`s a ban on watering your lawn and garden?

My pooch Mandy has a penchant for munching on grass, it probably won`t do her any good to eat painted grass.

Tim can do whatever he wants, but Mandy and I prefer natural grass even if it gets a little bit brown during dry periods.

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