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Published:July 17th, 2012 14:42 EST
Drums of War - No UN Authority to Attack Iran or Destroy its Economy

Drums of War - No UN Authority to Attack Iran or Destroy its Economy

By SOP newswire


In 1962, President John F Kennedy was sufficiently concerned about Israel`s covert nuclear program that he sent US inspectors to examine its secret facility at Dimona, in the Negev desert. When they arrived, the weapons facility had been deliberately concealed by bricking-up the entrances prior to the visit with the consequence that  the inspectors found nothing of Israel`s nuclear weapons program. Subsequently, the next Republican president, Richard Nixon, (`Tricky Dickie)`, promised the then Israeli premier, Golda Meir, to turn a blind eye to Israel`s nuclear weapons development. As a result, in the years since, Israel is estimated to have built sufficient thermo-nuclear devices to decimate both the entire Middle East and most of Europe.

Fast forward fifty years, and we have America and its allies waging an unprecedented economic war upon Iran in an attempt to starve it into submission by means of economic and political sanctions. Global insurance companies have been instructed to withdraw all cover for Iranian tankers carrying legitimate cargoes of oil around the world. Oil is Iran`s principal export without which her economy will collapse and as the US increases its pressure to cripple the Iranian economy, the Israeli government looks on approvingly as the US government moves its naval battle fleet to the Gulf to ensure the compliance of world shipping to its unilateral decree. However, there is no authority from the UN Security Council either to attack Iran or to destroy the Iranian economy.

War now seems inevitable and both America and Israel are ready. Both have their own oil supply requirements finalized and their arms manufacturers on high alert for battle to start. Both seem to be totally unconcerned at the effects of the coming conflict upon Europe and the rest of the world. Both appear to be acting in the sole interest of the small Israeli state with its undeclared arsenal estimated at up to 400 nuclear warheads that it can deliver by air, land or by submarine, all of which have been allowed, by successive American presidents, to be outside the inspection of the IAEA. The only valid explanation for this is the extraordinary power of the American Israel lobby.

This lobby, having now achieved an unprecedented level of influence upon American foreign policy in the House of Representatives, has attempted similar moves in London and in other European capitals, so far with varying success, although a British defense minister was recently forced to resign after his unauthorized consorting with lobbyists

acting for Israeli interests.

The dilemma now is how the world will react to the economic blockade of Iran and the inevitable conflict that will almost certainly see the actual deployment of nuclear weapons for the very first time. It is also the first time in US history that it will have waged war, and put the lives of American servicemen and others at risk, on behalf of a foreign state when there is no threat whatsoever to American national security or to its economy. 

- Douglas Reed