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Published:July 17th, 2012 11:11 EST

Evangelicals Plan Pilgrimage To New York Jets Camp To Worship Tim Tebow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tim Tebow may be a second-stringer, but his presence - more than that of any other player - will be felt at Jets training camp.

The Jets` training camp takes place at the State University of New York at Cortland, and officials there say they`re already preparing for swelling crowds made up of church groups that will travel from far away to watch Tebow sweat through August practices and run the Wildcat offense."


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We snicker when we read about people who make a pilgrimage to behold a piece of toast with an image of the Virgin Mary. But at least those folks are seeking to make a connection with the divine; they aren`t motivated by the pedestrian desire to meet a celebrity.

But the church groups who are planning on making a pilgrimage to the Jets training camp to watch Tim Tebow work out are making a mockery of their faith. They are motivated by celebrity worship, and they are no different than fans of Snooki who travel hundreds miles to one of her public appearances.

If Tebow wasn`t a handsome, wealthy, and talented superstar athlete, they wouldn`t go two steps out of their way to meet him, even if he spent hours every day reading his Bible, praying, and ministering to the sick and poor.

I would travel a few miles to watch Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan show a little bit of skin as they vamp for the paparazzi, but at least I wouldn`t pretend that my trip to gawk at a celeb had any kind of spiritual significance.

The Tebow-loving church groups are showing their true colors: They are demonstrating that they value celebrity more than faith and spirituality; they are poor witnesses for Jesus Christ.

I just pray that none of these evangelical church groups are youth groups, the last thing we should be teaching our children is that they should dedicate themselves to achieving wealth and fame.

I hope that the Tebow-worshipping church groups will take advice from a freethinker: Err; I think you should be worshipping Jesus, and not a human being. (Even if he is a real handsome dude who loves to showboat, I mean tebow, as in pray in public.)

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