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Published:July 18th, 2012 10:14 EST

Cat Walks Six Miles To Return Home

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A New Hampshire woman said a stray cat she began feeding last summer trekked six miles to get back to her house.

Barbara Oliphant of Bedford said she began feeding the cat, which she dubbed Wollie, last summer, but she had to turn it over to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, about six miles away, when her husband of 61 years suffered a stroke and she was no longer able to care for it,."



My dog, Mandy, is very expressive, she barks and jumps all over me when I come home from work. My pooch is very loyal, and I know she would risk her life to protect me.

My cat, Ebony, doesn`t even deign to look in my direction when I enter my home. But I`m convinced my feline loves me, I don`t think she sits on my lap just because it`s warm.

Many people think cats don`t love their owners, and they stick around only for the food, water and shelter from the storm.

Here`s proof to the contrary, this pu[s]sy cat trekked six miles to get back to her home. I`m sure Wollie received food, love and attention at the animal shelter, but he missed his owner.

Ebony is fat and spoiled, I`m not sure she could walk six blocks let alone six miles, but I`m persuaded if she was separated from me she would try to find her way home.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic Cat, Not Wollie)

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