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Published:July 20th, 2012 18:04 EST
Biblical Concepts Ministries and Pastors Endorse FL School Board Candidates

Biblical Concepts Ministries and Pastors Endorse FL School Board Candidates

By SOP newswire

Dr. Raymond Johnson, Founder & President of Biblical Concepts Ministries and a coalition of pastors announced on July 16 their endorsement for the following School Board Candidates. Charlie Van Zant for superintend of schools, Carla G Cran for School Board District 2, Buck Burney for School Board District 3 and Johnna McKinnon for School Board District 4. Proverbs 29:2 states "When the righteous rule the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn." 

Dr. Johnson also revealed a two minute video showing the offensive statements from the current board members in their own words stating prayer at the flagpole was illegal and proposing for a court order to arrest Rev. Baker and others for praying on school grounds. The video can be found on YouTube at the following link Other videos showing the inappropriate actions of the board is also available on YouTube. 

Dr. Johnson will be sending a letter explaining the situation and a copy of the video to all of the nearly 200 pastors in Clay County. "I will be encouraging pastors to show the video to their congregations and remind them to vote for righteous leaders." Dr Johnson noted his and the pastor`s endorsements are legal personal endorsements, church and ministry names listed are for identification purposes and are not endorsements from their churches or ministries. 

After hearing the board asked Pastor Ron Baker to stop his weekly prayer meetings at the school flagpole due to a threat from a national atheist group, Dr. Johnson became involved in the fight for religious freedom and the right to pray at the school flagpole. "I attended every meeting from November until March; I met in person with one board member for two hours, spoke to the others via phone and email conversations, Gave power point presentations to the board at the public meetings. All to educate the board on biblical concepts and constitutional principles of government and why it was legal for Rev. Baker to lead his prayer meeting. I also educated them on the biblical qualifications for elected leaders and warned them if they did not handle the matter correctly from a biblical and constitutional manner the board would biblically disqualify themselves from holding public office. Video of this presentation can be found at the following YouTube link

The candidates endorsed above all meet the biblical qualifications for elected leaders found in Exodus 18:21, that is they are able, fear God, honest, and hate covetousness. 

Dr. Johnson and his BCM ministry has most recently appeared on local TV, radio and print media as well as national radio for his work to educate and activate Duval County Pastors and Churches against the Jacksonville City Council Bill 296 Anti Discrimination Bill giving special rights to the LGBT community. 

We the undersigned approve of the above statements and also endorse the listed candidates for Clay County School Board. 

Pastor Ron Baker, Russell Baptist Church
Pastor Tom Croft, Morning Star Family Church
Pastor Mark Sellers, Christian Faith Center
Pastor Craig Bowen, Lakeside Community Church
Pastor Charles McGuckin, The Rock Bible Church 
Pastor Larry Strickland, Hope Baptist Church
Pastor James Tomlinson, Sharon Baptist Church
Pastor Marc Swarthout, Shiloh Missionary Baptist