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Published:July 20th, 2012 10:54 EST
Britain to be  'Dragged-in` to Israeli Strike Against Iran

Britain to be 'Dragged-in` to Israeli Strike Against Iran

By SOP newswire2

It is reported today that Foreign Office Minister, Lord Howell, in a House of Lords debate, has confirmed that if Israel were to take (unauthorized, unilateral) military action against Iran then the United States would be involved and the United Kingdom would be `dragged in`. 

This admission has grave implications for the UK.  Most importantly, it would mean that should Binyam Netanyahu, the Israeli leader of the extreme right-wing, Likud coalition, decide without any consultation with the British government and/or the UN Security Council to mount an unprovoked attack upon Iran, then Britain would be dragged-in to deal with the consequences, which would be likely to be substantial if not extreme. 

It is widely expected that any such attack would result in the Strait of Hormuz being blocked for an indeterminate period of time leading to a doubling or trebling of the price of Brent crude on world markets. That, in itself, would-be sufficient to increase inflation and the cost of everyday living by many points. The prospect of petrol at £2 or £3 a litre should be sufficient for everyone, and particularly the government, to think very carefully before staying silent on this subject. 

For the cost of living to go sky-high merely to assuage the ambitions of the leader of a small political party in the Middle East and its US lobby, would be suicidal for this British government, whose mandate is to defend the security of Britain, and not that of any foreign state. Whilst the British/American link is important, it should not take priority over the economic and military security of the United Kingdom. British lives should only be risked either to defend Britain or by authority of the UNSC.

By Douglas Reed