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Published:July 21st, 2012 16:00 EST
Aurora Colorado, Baghdad, Iraq : One in the Same

Aurora Colorado, Baghdad, Iraq : One in the Same

By Ron G Anselm


Looking back from the attacks on our country on 9/11 to now there has been an increased amount of violence in our country we have never seen before and it seems Colorado has been the war zone for a lot of the recent violence.

Before 9/11 we didn`t hear of High School kids walking into school with semi-automatic weapons and using the classmates as target practice as in the Columbine shooting that took place in Colorado in 1999. When I was in high school if I didn`t like someone and we got into it we would meet at the flag pole after school, duke it out and then become best friends the next day. I didn`t come to school the next day with a semi-automatic, .40 cal Glock and blow the kid away, UNBELIVABLE!

How our society is now becoming more and more violent leaves people scratching their heads. Is it something in the water causing this trend of violence? Has the attacks on our country from 9/11 instilled a sense that t is O.k. for us to kill each other off or at least sparked a jolt in the crazy and whacked out ones that dress up in combat gear, use civilian versions of the M16A3 Assault Rifle, think they are the Joker from ? I worry about my kids with this up and coming violent society that is taking shape more and more each day. I guess that is why I am training my son in the Martial-Arts to be able to defend himself in any situation and have a mentality when protecting yourself to shoot first and ask questions later.

An example of the extreme violence we have seen over the past ten or so years consists of the Columbine shooting, Congresswoman Gaffy Gifford shot by another nut bag, the Virginia Tech shootings because the kid didn`t like his classmates, and others I can`t think of right now. When does the violence stop? Or do we resort back to the old west and start caring guns on us in holsters like they did back then?

Whether any of you know it or not, what happened in Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning was the same scenario has being on the front-lines of Iraq and getting ambushed or going into a fire fight with the Taliban. The big difference is the innocent people could not shoot back or defend themselves. With the mass confusion, people getting shot all around you, and chaos filling the air waves as you try to take cover and at the same time protect the people around you is the same as walking on patrol in Iraq and then suddenly out of nowhere the Taliban open fire on you and your unit. And the bizarre thing is the gunman was not ex-military but the way he orchestrated the shootings on Friday night was almost or in the same way as the military hits the enemy when staging a quick hit and run attack. This guy must have studied a little military operation on the Internet before carrying out the senseless violence.

I don`t know about you but this is really starting to piss me off. You can`t even go out to watch a movie or go to dinner with the family without having to say to your wife before you leave, Hey Honey, don`t forget to grab the M240 Rocket Launcher just in case I have to take some crack pot out while we are sitting quietly at Mc Donald`s eating our Big Mack`s that may walk in to the restaurant with an assault rifle that suddenly snapped and thinks they are at the amusement park shooting ducks at one of the carnival games. "

On Friday in the early morning hours, James Eagan Holmes who was a graduate student decided to walk into a crowded movie theater that was showing the new movie, "The Dark Knight Rises " which is the third series of Christopher Nolan`s Batman Films, while he was carrying an arsenal of weaponry, two .40-caliber Glock handguns, a Remington 870 single-barrel pump shotgun, a Smith & Wesson AR-15 assault-style rifle and as many as 6,000 rounds of ammunition, (is the same as getting ready to go on patrol in Iraq) and he decided to shoot and kill innocent people for no reason at all.

Christopher Nolan the producer of the film expressed sorrow for this tragedy by saying, "profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the entire Aurora community." (Nolan, 2012)

When police arrested Holmes a few minutes later sitting in his car in the parking lot he told them he was the Joker. If you think or have mental problems GET HELP! Geesh!..Don`t sit there and continue becoming crazier and crazier before doing something about it or until you finally snap.

The Police Chief in Aurora, Colorado also commented on the shooting, "It`s not something I`ve ever seen before," said Oates, who said that the area was evacuated and that police were expected to remain on the scene "for hours or days." (Oates, 2012)

Oates continued to say, "We are confident he acted alone," Oates said of Holmes, who was scheduled to appear in Arapahoe County District Court on Monday morning to face unspecified charges. Authorities refused to speculate on his possible motive. " (Oates, 2012)

Jennifer Seeger who experienced this tragedy stated, "It was mass chaos," witness Jennifer Seeger told TODAY. The gunman shot the ceiling and then "he threw in the gas can, and then I knew it was real." (Seeger, 2012)

Witnesses said the gunman entered the theater at Aurora Town Center through an emergency exit door. But a federal law enforcement official told The Associated Press that the suspect bought a ticket and went in as part of the crowd. He is believed to have propped open an exit door as the movie was playing, the official said. (Johnson, NBC News, 2012)

I don`t know about you but this tragedy has made me a ton more protective of my family. My son is working late and got off late last night and something I hadn`t done since he started his job two years ago, I sat in the parking lot last night and made sure he got off work safely and made it home. This is something I will do for a long time now to come.

I think all of us and a lot of Moms and Dads now will take every protective measure to protect their kids and family from any future senseless tragedy. When does the violence stop? Who knows but like the old saying goes and I believe in it immensely, Fight fire with Fire. " Don`t become a victim of senseless violence. Protect yourself and your family. Do something about it!


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