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Published:July 21st, 2012 18:21 EST

Moral Coward Joe Paterno's Statue Should Be Smashed To Smithereens

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Multiple reports indicate that the statue of Joe Paterno outside Penn State`s football stadium will be removed this weekend.

Jerry Sandusky, Paterno`s former top assistant coach, is awaiting sentencing after being convicted last month of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. Paterno died in January of lung cancer at age 85."



A report by former FBI director Louis Freeh concluded that the formerly beloved coach, affectionately known as "JoePa" ignored child abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky to preserve his legacy.

Paterno cared more about his reputation than he did the children who were molested and raped by his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

The former head coach of Penn State has been exposed as a moral coward, who failed to take the proper action to protect underage boys from the clutches of a notorious pedophile.

On a wall next to Paterno`s statue there`s a plaque that reads: Joseph Vincent Paterno: Educator, Coach, Humanitarian.

The only way the statue should be allowed to remain on the campus of the university is if the following words are added to the wall: And Enabler and Protector of the vile pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

Paterno`s statue should be destroyed with axes and sledgehammers, and the first blow should be delivered by one of Jerry Sandusky`s victims.

Paterno`s name is now synonymous with moral cowardice, and Penn State should remove every mention of the contemptible coach - Soviet Union style.

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