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Published:July 23rd, 2012 10:20 EST
Book Returns

Book Returns

By Ed Roberts

So many of us leave behind "stuff" for our friends and family to have to deal with. Hopefully as a writer I can leave behind something which will help them deal with this as well, words. Words that are filled with love.

Book Returns

There are moments
In a writer`s life
That only another writer
Can fully understand

What it`s like
To see your first by-line in a magazine
Or the feeling you get
When you first see your name
On the front cover
Of a book

The feeling you get
When that first person
Comes up to you
And asks you
To sign
Their copy

These are moments
Only a writer
Can fully understand

I had one of those moments

My brother-in-law
Passed away
Two days ago
My wife, my son, and her mother
Have spent the last two days
Going through his things
Deciding what to keep
And what to try and sell
Or donate

This evening my wife came home
With two books
Two books of mine
Which I had signed
For him

As writers
We leave a part of ourselves
Part of our heart
Part of our soul
On paper
Words that are often so much more
That are read and shared by others

Each time I sign a book
I leave a personal message
A part of me
That is meant for that particular person

There are moments
That only a writer
Can fully understand

I hope that those
Who are not
Can at least try to conceive
Imagine if they will
Why tonight I cried
When two of my books
Were returned

Ed Roberts 7/8/12