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Published:July 23rd, 2012 20:40 EST
Colorado Shootings - A Chaos Beyond Description

Colorado Shootings - A Chaos Beyond Description

By SOP newswire

The following is submitted by Paul Louis Cole, of Christian Men`s Network

As the tragic gunshots of Colorado echo inside our collectively stunned hearts, the cries of victims ring out daily from the bloodied streets of Syria to the dying barrios of Jaurez. It seems as though `chaos` has come alive, and gripped our world by the throat. 

In the biblical account of creation, the first recorded acts of God, it says there was, "chaos across the face of the earth." So what did he do? He thundered across the universe a phrase that is still alive today; "Let there be light!" 

How do we respond to the chaos across the globe, thinking people must boldly declare, "Let there be light!" Light brings clarity to life. 

"Let there be light" is about the championing of truth, honor and love. 

Truth when spoken in love brings unity, healing and wholeness. The world needs you to speak truth to your children, to your employees, to your live in truth. Truth breeds a mature spirit. A mature person acts in the interests of everyone, not just selfishly as a child would. Truth is the center of mutual respect, integrity and honesty. 

Honor is the awareness of the needs of others. Giving others equal value as they navigate the tides of life. Honor speaks highly of others, helps others, applauds the efforts of others, notices the needs of friends. Honoring others brings a pure motive to your heart. 

Love is the desire to help or assist another even at your own expense. Love does not demand its own way, is not greedy or arrogant. Giving is the fullest expression of unselfish love, preferring others. Living linked to others, succeeding in life without stepping on those around us. 

Truth, honor and love demand that we speak out about prejudice, violent video games, the childishness of parents fighting at children`s games, the out of control p{o}rn industry, deadbeat dads, the glorification of war, the demeaning words we use for each other, the objectification of girls, the loosing of any moral standard. Someone needs to speak out -- "let there be light!" 

The world needs you to be a good dad, a good mom, a good mentor. You hold the key in your own heart... find someone who needs you. Help them turn on the light in their own lives. If we all do this, the light will fill the earth. 

Of all the things that Jesus was called, the opening line of his introduction by St. John might be the most significant... He has come as "the light." It was the link to his title as "Prince of Peace." Let your faith build a bridge of light for generations to come. Let`s speak to the chaos around us and declare, "Let there be light!"