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Published:July 23rd, 2012 15:27 EST

Dude Spots Man Riding His $1,500 Stolen Trek 7500 Bicycle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Boston said the victim of a $1,500 bicycle theft spotted someone riding the pilfered vehicle the following morning.

Investigators said the Trek 7500 bike was stolen Friday night from the Black Bay and the victim confronted a man, identified as Joseph Joseph, 45, when he saw him riding the bicycle Saturday morning in the South End, the Boston Herald reported Monday.


Police arrived and the owner showed them the receipt from the purchase of his bike, which matched the serial number."


Joseph Joseph admitted he bought the bike for $100 from a dude who was selling it on the street. "He stole the bike. I just bought it, I didn`t steal it", Joseph told the cops.

Joseph Joseph should change his name to "Moron Moron", he confessed to buying stolen property which is a crime.

What did Joseph think the cops were going to say: Oops, my bad, OK you are free to go?

The fool was charged with buying, receiving and concealing a stolen good.

Anybody who rides a $1,500 should seriously consider strapping a machine gun to his shoulder.

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