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Published:July 23rd, 2012 20:38 EST
Paying Taxes is the Road to Hell, Says Christian Woman from UK

Paying Taxes is the Road to Hell, Says Christian Woman from UK

By SOP newswire


The following is submitted by Elizabeth F Obisanya, single parent divorcee and a born-again Christian from London who has not paid her corporation tax bill (currently at £28,000) on the grounds that if paid she would go to eternal fire. 

As a black Christian who has endured much discrimination in the British Courts where (Section 19 c of the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 & Schedule 3:3 of the Equality Act 2010) laws allow any judge to discriminate against blacks and ethnic minorities in a court of law in Christian Britain operates! I was glad when I found a faith reason for not paying taxes -- as we have overcome by the blood. 

Yes I know, we all know that Jesus said that we should give to Caesar what is due to him and to God what is due to Him, (Mathew 22:21. Mark 12:17) operative word is what is due -- (b) we are further told to obey the Law of the Land (Romans 13) -- if we don`t we would perish in perdition (go to hell) and it is because Jesus said it that I am not paying it as the British law (a law of the land which we must obey or go to eternal fire) states that we are absolved from paying taxes to a monarch that has herself broken the law of the land (The Act of Settlement 1701) i.e. the present monarch is not due it. the next in line is though. 

What most British people, Christians and non-Christians, do not know is that the monarch (the Queen) is ruled by an ancient but still legally binding law called the Act of Settlement in which she (the monarch) is forbidden from reconciling with the Pope and all things Catholic, if she does she must abdicate and all citizens of the UK and of the Commonwealth are absolved of their allegiances with the monarch. 

At first I did not know what was included in the allegiances bit until I got hold of the coronation programme of the Queen and saw where the congregations (citizens) swore as allegiance to the new monarch to pay taxes and obey her laws... these are precisely what the Act of Settlement tells us not to obey if the disqualified monarch is still on the throne. We are not to obey the laws that that monarch passed but not be lawless (ie obey earlier laws) as royal assent can only be given by a valid monarch so therefore her laws are illegal as are her prisons and inland revenue tax collecting system. 

NULLA CRIMEN SINE LEGE! where there is no law there is no transgression. 

As a Christian filmmaker I caught the protestant protesting at the papal visit in 2010 and documented it in a docureality called "It Was Further Enacted" (available on IMDB and amazon) and as a Christian lobbyist I had lobbied the Ministry of Justice and 10 Downing Street in the Uk seeking for the abdication of the queen ,(ii) the annulling of her laws since first disqualification (1961 when she met with Pope John at the Vatican) and (iii) the coronation of the next in line -- Prince Charles.(Joel 2 :25) They denied that the monarch had been disqualified in that it was claimed that she needed to take Holy Communion at a Catholic church and it was claimed that she had not done so as if they did not understand what reconcile meant! It means reinstalling everything that Henry 8th unistalled when he broke away from Rome. At any rate when we proceeded to enquire from those in the know if the Queen had taken Holy Communion at a Catholic church (Westminster Cathedral in 2005) they promptly placed a freedom of information gag on them so they can`t answer our queries. 

It is truelly a faith thing, if we as Christians believe that if we don`t obey the law of the land we would go to eternal fire -- if the law of the land says NOT to pay Caesar then we must not for if we do we will go to hell as we would not have obeyed the law of the land -- pay taxes and go to hell indeed! Let the Lord be Exalted!