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Published:July 25th, 2012 11:18 EST

Burglar Hits Homeowner Upside His Head With Toilet Bowl Lid

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Las Vegas police said they arrested a man accused of breaking into a neighbor`s home and attacking him with a guitar and a toilet bowl lid.

Police said Ronald Hetzel, 41, allegedly broke into a neighbor`s home in the Southern Highlands neighborhood by opening a window and struck the owner over the head with a wooden guitar and a porcelain toilet bowl lid during a confrontation, the Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday."



What happens in Vegas doesn`t stay in Vegas, not in this age of the Internet when Web sites cover odd news to entertain their visitors.

I would be outraged if an intruder not only broke into my home, but then conked me over the head with a toilet bowl lid. I doubt the intruder took the time to unscrew the lid; he broke off the expensive porcelain toilet bowl lid.

That would never happen in my home; I have a loaded shotgun under my bed and I wouldn`t hesitate for a second to blow a burglar to Kingdom Come. If any idiot breaks into my home, he is no longer a person but a target.

Maybe getting conked on the head with a toilet bowl lid knocked some sense into the homeowner, and he will buy a firearm post haste.

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