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Published:July 28th, 2012 12:09 EST

Man Put Screaming Daughter In Trunk Of Car In Front Of Witnesses

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Orlando police said a woman called 911 after seeing Johnny Nguyen, 50, throw his screaming daughter into the trunk of a Toyota Camry in the parking lot of a church and close the trunk, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday.


The woman said the man paced around the back of the vehicle for about a minute and eventually opened the trunk and let the girl out when her husband shouted for him to open the trunk and said they were calling police."


Nguyen told the cops: What are you doing here? She was only in the trunk for a few minutes. First of all, he only opened the trunk to let the girl out because a witness was shouting at him to let her free. As if it were OK to stash a young girl in a trunk of a car on a scorching day when it`s almost 100, if you only keep her in there for a few minutes.

You would think Nguyen would have had second thoughts about committing this horrendous crime in a church parking lot, of all places.

If Nguyen treats his daughter like this in a church parking lot in the view of witnesses, God only knows what he does to her behind closed doors.

Nguyen was arrested on child abuse charges, his daughter should be permanently taken away from him.

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